How to eat red meat without increasing your cancer risk

abeefHad to share this information with you that I just learned on the Dr. Oz show.  Turns out, it doesn’t necessarily matter how your beef was bred, how much fat it contains or the way it’s cooked that increases your risk of getting cancer, it’s what’s contained within the meat that poses the problem.

Red meat contains a lot of sugar and the way that sugar is broken down in the body is what causes the cancer risk.  When you eat too much beef the immune system attacks; which then affects your lifetime risk of cancer.

So how can we still eat red meat without increasing our cancer risk?

  1. Don’t eat red meat everyday.
  2. Red meat shouldn’t be the main course.
  3. Eat 3 oz of red meat at one time; equal to the size of a deck of cards.
  4. Marinate your red meat in dark beer for 30 minutes to prevent charring.
  5. Always serve red meat with green as that will help clean your system while eating.
  6. FYI-Lamb contains less sugar so you can eat 4oz versus 3oz and poultry contains no sugar at all.

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How to stop worrying all of the time

cropped-cristinagreatcolor.jpgDid you know that most things that we worry about never actually happen?  What a waste of time.  Worry is not intentional; it’s actually a form of anxiety when your brain takes over your body causing you to think about the past and future rather than the present moment.

Worry steals your life.  I’ve also read that worry can be genetic and for me that makes sense since my mom is an extreme worrier.  Worry is negative, it’s always about something bad happening in the future or something that’s already happened that you can’t undo.

After over 40 years of worry, I finally realized that what I was concerning myself with was completely out of my control.  For instance, I’d worry about my husband getting in a car accident everyday when he left for work.  The worry about that one thing, lead to other future worries and so on and so forth.  The day was already in the negative and it hadn’t even started yet.

The mental exhaustion I felt each day was solely caused by worry, so I came to the conclusion that I somehow needed to get my mind to release the negative.  I knew that I could never get rid of my worry entirely, it’s part of who I am, but what I could do is think more positively, hope for the best and focus on what was in front of me at that very moment rather than what “could” happen in the near or distant future.

It’s normal to have regrets from the past and concerns about the future, but when you’re living on the edge of worry each day it’s not healthy.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve incorporated a few mental and physical exercises into my life that have not only helped control the worry, but has also enabled me to be better focused, more positive and appreciative of what I have right now, in front of me each day.

  1. Yoga requires you to breath and focus in order to be able to perform poses properly.  That type of continued practice keeps you in the present moment and enables you to release all of your worries, to-do lists and expectations from others for a short period of time, but then also stays with you throughout the day.  Check out my favorite yoga workouts here.
  2. Just because you think a thought doesn’t mean it’s true.  This is something to keep in mind because too often we think that we understand something entirely because we’ve thought about it but in reality it may not be true at all.  When you recognize this with worry, you’ll find that if you repeatedly quiet that voice kindly and gently, it will start to go away.  Remember, worry is in your mind and you have the ability to control it.
  3. Be mindful.  What does that mean?  If you are intentionally aware of your emotions, thoughts and sensations in the present moment, you are being mindful.  With this, you can consciously reduce your worry, anger, sadness and resentment you might be holding onto and be able to live a happier, healthier, more peaceful life.  Meditation or even just deep breathing for just 10 minutes a day will enable you to do this successfully.  Learn more about simple meditation here.

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8 healthy delicious lunch ideas to pack and take to work

Choose whole foods.

Learn how to make this delicious healthy chickpea salad here (click pic).

Let’s face it, eating healthy requires some thought and planning, otherwise you’ll consume whatever is around when you’re hungry and that usually leads to unhealthy choices.  Going out for lunch at work is not only costly, it also leads to weight gain since you’re unaware of ingredients and preparation.  Taking a moment to plan a list for the grocery store each week so that you can make healthy meals to bring to work for lunch; some even playing 2 parts as dinner the next before only leads to good things.

Here are 8 healthy delicious lunch ideas to to pack up for work.

Get our healthy low fat pita chip recipe here (click picture).

Learn how to make your own hummus here.

1. Hummus vegetable sandwich couldn’t be easier and when you make this chickpea sensation at home, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating, only goodness.  Choose a whole grain bread or pita and pack on the veges like leafy green, avocado, onions, cucumber, whatever you like.  Learn how to make your own hummus here.

I hope that you make this salad because you will love it!

Click pic to get recipe.

2. Greek chickpea salad is one of my FAVORITE healthy lunches, so easy to pack up, no prep needed before eating, learn more and how to make it here.

Learn how beans fight belly fat here.

Learn how to make this tasty black bean dip here.

3. Black bean dip with whole grain pita chips is also just another way of saying vegetarian chili in a way because it’s jam-packed with beans and vegetables that will not only keep you feeling fuller longer but will also nourish your body with endless vitamins.  Learn how to make it here.

avocadoguac4. Grilled chicken salad rollup with mixed greens and guacomole will not only keep you full until dinner, it’s absolutely delicious.  Each week buy a package of chicken tenders, salt and pepper them and grill them up, use in everything including this salad.  Just chop up 2 or 3 tenders, add a teaspoon of low fat mayo, a little celery, onion, whatever you like, lay out 1/2 avocado atop a handful of mixed green on a whole grain healthy rollup and you’ve got the best lunch ever.

20130602_1745075. Grilled chicken mixed green salad is just another way to use that chicken you made earlier in the week, full of low fat protein, so very healthy for you and when you add every vegetable you love with mixed greens, you couldn’t choose a better lunch choice.  Dressing?   Learn how to make a healthy dressing at home that you can pack up and bring with you to work here.

IMG_50486. Whole grain shrimp “fried” rice is another terrific leftover dinner choice to take for lunch the next day.  Use whole grain rice to feel fuller longer while also keeping your colon healthy.  Add all of your favorite vegetables, brocolli is one of mine, and mix together with a little extra virgin olive oil.

aquinoa7. Quinoa with vegetables is a perfect dinner choice that enables you to easily pack up the leftovers for lunch the next day.  You don’t even need to warm it up because it’s delicious cold too!  Quinoa has become available in almost every grocery store, buy a few boxes, cook them up, it only takes 14 minutes, then add in your favorite proteins like grilled shrimp or chicken, avocado and beans.  Stir in green veges, like asparagus, and it’s the perfect healthy meal!

Learn "How to Boil the Perfect Egg" here.

Learn “How to Boil the Perfect Egg” here.

8. Hard-boiled egg avacodo sandwich.  Yum!  Make a half dozen hard boiled eggs, learn how here, cut up a couple or all of them so that you have lunch for a few days, add a teaspoon of low fat mayo, salt, pepper, tomatoes, onion, celery, whatever you like.  Put the eggs and 1/2 avacodo on a whole grain healthy bread of your choice and you won’t be hungry again until dinner.

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Restaurant Inspired White Bean Dip

Restaurant Inspired White Bean Dip

“Beans beans, the magical fruit”, well, you know the rest of that little jingle.  Yes, it’s true, beans do keep things moving within your body; which is a good thing, staying regular not only helps keep your weight in check, it also keep your colon healthy.  Here are 3 more reasons to include low calorie nutritious beans within your diet.

1. Beans are so satisfying that they give you the feeling of being full; which prevents overeating and keeps your calories in check throughout the day.  Add them to soups, use them as a replacement in pasta dishes or make the best black bean dip ever, get the recipe here.

2. Beans are low in fat and contain protein so they can be a healthy replacement for meat. You don’t have to become a vegetarian, but reducing your meat intake a few days a week is wise.  Make a Greek chickpea salad instead of chicken salad and reduce your fat intake greatly.  Get the recipe here.

3. Beans give you extra energy so that you will have the drive to fit in one of the best workout DVD’s; which will help you lose weight even faster.  Beans also stablize your blood-sugar levels so they’ll prevent cravings for sugar.  If you get hungry between meals, choose beans over the famous celery or carrot sticks, you’ll stay full longer.

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