Rebounding Exercises Are Kind To Your Knees and Joints

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There is no question, exercise can be boring, repetitious and difficult to commit to for the long run. In recent years, the mini-trampoline has become extremely popular. Mostly, people purchase trampolines for their children as an outside activity. They can be large, bulky and an eyesore in your yard, but now there is a whole new chapter for this product.

The mini-trampoline, or rebounder, is absolutely amazing and is truly a full body workout. It can fit anywhere in your home because it is only 40 inches round and foldable for easy storage. You can also take them with you as many fit into a travel bag and some even come with a stabilizer bar for balance. The rebounder is one of the best exercise tools on the market today. You just have to make sure to buy the right one, ensure it is sturdy (steel is best) and accessible. Recently, it has been said that reboundingis one of the most efficient and effective exercises ever devised by man.

Since the toughest part of exercising on a rebounder is keeping your balance, it is fantastic for your core. Any move you do is going to work your abs along with so many other muscles in your body.  Comfortable, non-slip shoes, preferably sneakers are essential. A good warm up is suggested and will help you get balanced and comfortable, this could just be a basic bounce to get your heart rate up. Moving onto a simple jog will continue to increase your heart rate. Jogging for about 5-8 minutes is optimal and will get you ready for the next set of exercises.

One of the many mini trampoline benefits is how much easier it is on your joints while doing heart pumping moves such as jumping jacks, a terrific cardio exercise.  This move can be done by starting in the middle, bouncing up and spreading your feet apart while putting your arms above your head. When you land, watch your feet, this is a fast move and it doesn’t take many of them to work up a sweat, doing 10-15 jumping jacks is great.

One of the best sculpting exercises you can do is to stand in the middle of the mini trampoline with your left hand on your left hip and slowly raise and lower your right leg with your knee slightly bent. Doing three sets of 10 on each side will work your outer thigh and get rid of those saddle bags for good in addition to working your oblique muscles (your side abs).

Another great exercise that is beneficial to do on a rebounder is squats. Again, standing in the middle, with arms out in front of you, or hold onto your stabilizer bar if you have one, and squat down a low as you can go, making sure your knees stay behind your toes. Doing 3 sets of 15 will get your thighs in amazing shape in no time and will really work that heart muscle.  You can even throw in a jump in between each squat.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is exercising on it’s healthy, effective and so much fun. Get ready for summer and then maintain your new body throughout the year with the best workout on the planet.

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