Cellulite Rid

We have all experienced it.  You go out shopping for a new swimsuit, find one or two that you love, head into the fitting room to try them on, turn towards the mirror to face that dreaded lighting and see your cellulite looking right back at you. You have tried everything from exercise to cutting the fat in your diet and it is still there making you want to wear pants to the beach instead of a bikini. It’s so frustrating. So what do you do?

There is no doubt that you can improve the texture of your skin by exercising the muscle underneath it as much as possible because a strong hard muscle is going to make your skin look better. Squats and lunges will help strengthen the area, while running and doing cardio will help you burn the fat. Lowering your fat intake through food along with a commitment to continued exercise is going to help the look of your skin and it’s shape all over your body. But you will never entirely get rid of cellulite, so what do you do?  We have the best solution for hiding what you have right now.

It’s pretty much the same concept as when you wear white, you seem to look bigger than when you wear black or darker colors. Every bit of cellulite and fat on your body will be more apparent when your skin is white, but if it is a darker tone, you will completely camouflage those areas. What’s the best way to do that? Use the best self tanner available that we talked about here and give yourself one full coating from your hips downward in the morning and by that evening and into the next day your cellulite will be hidden.

Spending the summer going out into the sun or into tanning beds to darken your skin is a risk to your health and will cause premature aging to your skin. Stay healthy, use SPF 28 sun protection and accomplish a much quicker fix with sunless tanning. Self-tanners have come a long way in the past five years. The secret to buying the best is to ensure that it is made of natural ingredients such as walnut extract and sugar cane.  Most tanning lotions are made up of chemicals and that is what causes the orange-like color and unpleasant scent, but this is the best tanning lotion on the market.

Relax knowing that your tan is dispensed with compressed air so you don’t have to breathe chemical propellant.  The environmentally friendly spray is good for you and the atmosphere.  You benefit from the 2 step tanning process, DHA coupled with Erythrulose, plus it moisturizes your skin while you spray.
Amazing easy reach with the perfect length wand for an all over body tan.  Airbrush quality spray ensures the smallest droplets of mist that sink into the skin evenly for a NO STREAK tan and it sprays in any direction at any angle, 360 degrees.
Prepping the skin by exfoliating beforehand and keeping the skin moist afterwards ensures a beautifully even tan that lasts.  Generally, an average sized person will get 2 tans per can that will last 5-7 days.

Hide your cellulite today with a fake tan and enjoy your summer in a cute bathing suit or some short shorts.

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