X2O Xaviars on the Hudson Review

I had so much fun last night! My husband and I got together with 2 of our most favorite people whom we hadn’t seen in some time and we got to experience a new restaurant together and it fit into the healthy balanced skinny girl mentality.

It was kind of funny how it all came about. We had reservations at one place, but when we arrived, they told us that we couldn’t order food. Kind of strange, huh? Turns out, their kitchen was so backed up that no one was allowed to put in a food order for at least an hour, so we left disappointed and disgusted at the same time.

But the saying, “everything happens for a reason” fell true for us last night. We literally fell upon a restaurant that I had heard rave reviews about for some time now called X2O Xaviars On The Hudson and it lived up to all the hype because it was out of this world.

First of all, it must be said that this dining establishment is gorgeous and an experience in itself! X2O sits in the water on the only turn of the century Victorian pier on the Hudson River. The main dining room has 25 foot vaulted ceilings in addition to 3 walls of glass that offers amazing views of the George Washington and Tappan Zee Bridges, plus you can watch the sunset over the Palisades. The location of this restaurant is simply breathtaking.

We chose to sit in the bar area which has a very zen vibe. There is a beautiful cornered bar with lamps hanging above surrounded by tables with natural-colored placemats and a green floral vase. We started with a bottle of pino noir for the table and it was very good. We were then offered a choice of breads that consisted of a mini french baguette or a buttermilk cheese scallion biscuit. I chose the latter and it was a perfect accompany with my pino noir.

There is also a sushi bar and chef set up in this area so we were thrilled to order some and it was delicious.  My husband and I shared a few salmon avocado rolls and they were delightfully light but perfectly filling.  Our friends has some sashimi and yellow fin jalapeno that was out of this world.  We also ordered a few appetizers and had no complaints, the mushroom risotto was out of this world and I highly recommend it.  While we were eating, we actually started planning when we were going to come back again.

Our waiter had mentioned the dessert menu to us a few times during our visit, but when faced with that decision, we opted to finish up our sweet wine, saved the calories and called it a night.  We left Xaviars feeling perfectly filled and happy with our healthy food choices. We were pleased that our first restaurant pick fell apart because we now have a new favorite restaurant that we plan to visit as often as possible.

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