Reduced Fat vs. Full Fat Foods

A very important thing that I have learned about eating and staying skinny is the food has to taste good, otherwise I will just go eat what I want eventually anyway and none of this will matter.  With so many reduced fat options in the grocery stores now, and I have tried them all, I have found that it’s better to get what I want and just eat less of it.  I know that sounds impossible, but once it becomes your daily routine, you can do it quite easily, especially when you are getting full flavor.  For instance, reduced fat sour cream or regular sour cream.  I guess it depends on what I am making, if it’s my you’d never it’s lowfat cheesecake recipe (which I shared with you here), I can go with the reduced fat because no one will know the difference in the end.  But if it’s turkey tacos, I would much rather regular sour cream.  I am sure you have tried reduced fat sour cream and found it too be watery and bitter with very little flavor and I won’t even go into the horrible taste of the fat free option, personally, I would rather have nothing.  The trick is to take a very small bowl and put 2 tablespoons of regular sour cream into it, once your turkey tacos are finished, use a teaspoon or less on each one of them (I could eat 3 tacos with no problem) and you will see that there will be some leftover.  Another trick is to pick up your favorite hot sauce at the store and mix as much as you can stand into the bowl with the sour cream to thin it out, therefore having less fat on each taco, it’s delicous!

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