Soy Candles That Turn Into Hand Lotion, Can You Believe it?

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Have you ever heard of soy candles that turn into hand lotion? I know, it’s crazy! These are the most amazing candles that we have ever seen so we had to share them with you. They are made with care as they are hand poured using 100% FDA approved soy oil and burn cleaner than paraffin wax based candles. The candles burn about 40% longer than wax candles, are soot-free and do not emit any harmful toxins in the air. I have some myself and I am absolutely fasinated at how perfectly even and clean they burn. These soy candles come in a variety of natural scents like Lavender, Eucalyptus & Sage, Pomegranate and Lemongrass.  The scents are all natural and a terrific form of aromotheraphy which is extremely helpful in finding that whole mind and body connection that we talked about here.

See These Soy Candles That Turn Into Lotion Here

And here is the best part, the melt pool of each candle can also be used as moisturizer for your hands or other parts of your body.  It’s as simple as this, after you blow out one of these candles, you just wait until it cools off a bit and then dip your fingers into the warm pool of the most moisturizing hand lotion ever.  Not only does it feel so good, it smells even better and is eco-friendly as a natural product that can be used in two ways.  Oh, and one last bonus that makes these candles irresistible, they also all ship for free!  Check out these soy candles that turn into hand lotion before they are gone….

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