Why I practice yoga.

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As you have probably noticed, I talk about yoga a lot.  It’s not the only way I move my body but over the past few years it has become my most favorite.  To be completely honest, like most, I initially got interested in the practice strictly for the fitness benefits and that has truly paid off.  But what I didn’t realize when I started was how yoga would transform my life in so many other even more beneficial ways.  Why do I practice yoga?

1. It feels so good that I crave it.  After a yoga practice my entire body is fully relaxed, stretched, more flexible and stronger.  Especially after a run or kickboxing, I need yoga.

2. Yoga has reminded me to live in the moment because time passes by so quickly even more so as I grow older.  When I start to practice I make sure to have no interruptions so that I can focus and enjoy the short amount of time I have to give to yoga.

3. Yoga has made me feel more grateful for everything that I have in my life.  How?  I am not sure, it just happens and it’s simply amazing.

4.  I have always been a klutz, tripping and falling while rarely able to keep my balance.  Yoga has greatly improved my balance.  Even when I am in a complicated pose and start to lose my balance, I can get it back and not fall over.

5. Yoga is calming and that feeling is taken away with me long after I walk away from my mat.  After a morning yoga practice I take the day in better stride.

6.  Yoga has taught me to be more considerate of others and realize that everybody has a story.

7.  Yoga has also taught me to forgive, maybe not always forget because I like to learn from every experience, but to try and understand why people do what they do and accept the things that I cannot change.

I could go on and on but I think that you get the point.  I practice yoga because it has transformed my life in the most positive ways possible.

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