How to eat everything and still lose weight

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Eating everything while still losing weight?  Sound to good to be true?  Well, within the Skinny Healthy Girl concept of indulging mindfully it’s not.  Since deprivation through dieting is only short term, why not choose a life-long healthier option while getting to eat everything that you love?

What does eating everything and losing weight really mean?  It’s the concept of trying a little of every type of food without over-indulging and then balancing it all out with exercise. If you go out for burgers and fries with your girlfriend and indulge, cut the burger in 1/2 and  share it.  Then back up that indulgence with a good cardio workout the next day, it’s that simple.

Think about it, if you ate everything in large quantities, like a whole big bag of potato chips and didn’t burn those calories off, you’re going to gain weight, right?  Well instead, if you ate a handful of your favorite chips and then followed that up with exercise and continued healthy eating habits, you’re going to lose weight or then maintain it.  What does eating healthy really mean?  Find out here.

The concept of eating everything while continuing to lose weight, or maintain it, works in every situation.  Another example would be, if you go out to eat with a few of your friends and you each choose an appetizer and share, you won’t end up eating an over-portioned meal that is always too big for one person.  Instead, have a little bit of each of the foods that you love and walk away with a perfectly full stomach feeling confident in yourself.

Eating everything is about being wise, mindful and aware.  Life is too short for deprivation and living on a diet does not work, it’s not a lifestyle and will eventually put you into a state of overeating and making poor choices.  Balance is key to everything, choose wisely, exercise often and live life to the fullest starting today!

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