Native Deodorant; another reason to invest in our health

Did you know that a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about diet and exercise? It’s also very much about the products that we use everyday, especially those that we apply to our skin. One of those products is something that we would never leave home without; our deodorant, and we’ve learned that it’s essential it’s made of only healthy ingredients. So what does that mean? Well finally, we all have access to a toxin-free deodorant; here’s why you should invest in yourself and your health with Native.

After seeing over 3600 positive reviews on their website, my husband and I knew we had to give Native a try. Before writing this piece, we used it everyday for two months, just to ensure it does what deodorant is supposed to do, keep us smelling fresh all day, most especially a man in the summertime. We tested their coconut & vanilla, the lavender & rose and the citrus & herbal musk. At first my husband, a life-long Old Spice fan, was skeptical and concerned, especially of the possibility of being caught off guard at work. But we are thrilled to report the reviewers were right, Native has knocked our socks off. Not only are the scents aromatherapeutic all day long, the protection is unmatched. But what we really love best about Native is knowing that we’re investing in our health, here’s why.

Extensive research shows that aluminum; which is a neurotoxin, is not good for our health and has been linked to breast cancer. There’s been a high incidence of this type of cancer occurring within the area where the deodorant chemicals are applied. Any products containing aluminum are capable of altering DNA and could play a potential role in developing breast cancer. In addition to this risk, aluminum has also been linked to other health issues like impaired mental and motor function, Alzheimer’s and other brain and bone diseases.

Native deodorant is aluminum-free!!! Instead of using chemicals, it completely eliminates odors with the use of baking soda, arrowroot powder and acidophilus, to fight any order causing fungi, yeast and bacteria, enabling you to feel confidently protected all day long. Native is also made in the USA, is designed for both men and women in small batches and never tested on animals.

Native offers special scents and fragrances that you’re not going to find at your local store and they all ship for free. In addition to the scents we tried, they also have lots of other creative aromatic scents, and is even available in unscented. Here’s one of the bonuses of being a SkinnyHealthyGirl subscriber, you get access to special discounts and promotions, follow this link and get 10% off of your first order of $15 or more and use the code (health10) at checkout.

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