Why eggs are a healthy breakfast choice, or any time of day

Learn "How to Boil the Perfect Egg" here.

Learn “How to Boil the Perfect Egg” here.

Starting out your day with eggs is a healthy choice in more ways than one.  If you aren’t already eating an egg or two for breakfast each day, you should be; here’s why.

Healthy eaters know that eggs are not only full of protein; they also contain choline, a type of B Vitamin that can improve the function of the nervous system and your cardiovascular health.

In addition, eggs are a protein-packed food so they promote weight loss because they keep you feeling fuller longer.  Choosing an egg over an empty-calorie snack will prevent you from snacking on high fat foods full of sugar later.

Follow up your workouts with an egg, a must for muscle repair after exercising.  Hard-boiled eggs are an easy way to do this, learn how to make them perfect every time here.

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Foods with more fat than a doughnut that you should be eating

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There’s a difference between good fats and bad fats.  A doughnut for example generally contains more than 15 grams of fat that is going to make you gain weight, that’s considered to be a bad fat.  So unless it’s a special indulgence every once in a while; skip the doughnut.  But don’t skimp on the good for you fats listed below, they’re not only going to keep you feeling full, they promote heart health, are good for you and delicious.

  1. The avocado is one of my favorite foods because you can have it for any meal, including breakfast and because of the protein it contains, you’ll feel full longer.  Avocados contain monounsaturated fat that improves cholesterol and according to a study published in Diabetes Care, can also prevent belly fat.  Learn more about foods you should be eating to get a flat belly here.
  2. Peanut butter is another high protein food that is easy to incorporate into meals.  My favorite way to eat peanut butter is to have some on a rice cake or English muffin.  But you have to be careful and only have 2 tablespoons; that alone contains 16 grams of fat.  The good news is ½ of that is monounsaturated and peanut butter also contains polyunsaturated fat that has been known to reduce the risk of type 2- diabetes and heart disease.
  3. Eggs are another favorite on mine, I eat them nearly everyday.  If you eat a 3-egg omelet, you’ll be consuming 14 grams of fat, but you won’t be hungry for a long time.  Eggs contain saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which is what helps you feel full.  In the past they got a bad rap, but more recently eggs are a recommended protein.  Learn how to make the best most perfect hard-boiled eggs here.
  4. Olives are a big deal in my house.  We put them in stews, make olive dips or just eat them alone on a whole grain cracker.  The fat contained in olives is almost entirely monounsaturated, making them good for you in so many ways.

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Why carb-free doesn’t work & why you should be eating them


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Let’s put it this way, if you want to eliminate white flour carbohydrates from your diet for the rest of your life, that would terrific.  But deliberately eating no carbs is anything but good.  As you know, diets don’t work for the long run because deprivation is not a lifestyle choice and either is going carb-free.

Did you know that the weight lost from eliminating carbs from your diet is only water?  With that being said, there is only so much water weight loss that you can achieve.  Real weight loss is through the reduction of fat, notice I said reduction, not elimination.  A balanced diet that includes complex carbohydrates is essential to your health; enabling you to take advantage of all the vitamins and minerals they have to offer.

So what carbohydrates should you be eating?  Some of my favorites are brown rice, quinoa, Fiber One Cereal and whole grain bread.  Here’s 3 reasons why you should be eating all of these:

  1. Weight loss actually happens when you eat whole grains.  How?  Because they fill you up and keeps hunger at bay; which enables you to take in less calories each day.  Learn more about this from Extreme Weight Loss coach Chris Powell here.
  2. PMS knocks on your door every month and there’s not much that we can do about it.  But is there?  Did you know that whole grain carbs are high in B vitamins; which studies have shown reduce the symptoms of PMS?
  3. Overall improved health is associated with eating whole grains.  From reducing the risk of a stroke, heart disease, cancers, type 2 diabetes and while also boosting your immune system, keeping you protected from illnesses.

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‘Fast Exercise’; Can 1 minute of exercise really make a difference?


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Everybody wants quick and easy; especially for the things we like doing the least.  One of the #1 topics at Skinny Healthy Girl is lack of time being the top excuse when it comes to exercise.  But can only 1-minute of exercise 3 times per week actually enable you to lose weight while also positively affecting your health?

Scientists all over the world are finding that less of more intense exercise can actually make a significant difference for your body.  We’ve talked about this here.  Any exercise is going to enable you to lose weight, lessen your chance of getting cancer and lower your risk of diabetes, even if it’s only a 1-minute workout.  How can that be?

Turns out, it’s about the stress and intensity of the exercise, not necessarily the duration, according to Dr. Michael Mosley, the doctor turned author of the new book ‘Fast Exercise’.  He believes that pushing your body through three 20-second intervals of grueling-type exercise will not only make you slimmer but also healthier.

Dr. Mosley believes that ‘Fast Exercise’ will give you maximum benefits with minimum work.  He explains, “This regime, doing short bursts of intense activity, seems to be much more effective not only for losing weight but also for improving insulin sensitivity,” a very personal topic for Dr. Mosley.

“Two years ago I discovered I was diabetic.  I was a bit overweight.  That got me into a ‘Fast Diet’ but also got me into a ‘Fast Exercise’ regime.  And now I’m 20 pounds lighter and my blood sugars are completely normal.  I’ve gone from diabetic to normal.”

The good news is you don’t need a gym or any fancy expensive equipment to accomplish high intensity interval training like this.  It can be as simple as doing one of the best high intensity workout DVD’s seen here, running up and down the stairs in your house or riding your bike.  The idea is to get your heart rate up until you’re huffing and puffing for three 20-second intervals, three times per week.

Although, Dr. Mosley has his critics, if nothing else remember this, any exercise is better than no exercise at all, so why not give it a try?  Learn more about ‘Fast Exercise’ here.

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Why are you still reluctant to try yoga?


Check out YOGALOSOPHY here.

Yoga has been around for centuries, but more recently has become a lifestyle for many.  Even off the mat, yoga is known to transform people’s lives in countless ways.  Yogis find themselves becoming more patient, mindful, giving, understanding and present within their daily lives.  Yoga improves balance, strength, flexibility and posture enabling you to grow older gracefully.  Bone strength, lowered blood pressure and improved immunity are also benefits gained from practicing.  With all of these fantastic benefits, why are you still reluctant to try yoga?

I am often asked what it is that I do to stay fit?  It’s funny, more than anything else; most people want to know what the secret is to improving their physical appearance.  I love to share every form of exercise that I do and believe in, but one of the most important and closest to my heart is yoga because it offers so much more than a sculpted strong body.

Yoga is still fairly new to me; I too started practicing based solely on the physical benefits that I had heard about.  But I now consider myself to be a yogi of sorts because of my deep belief and commitment to it; I can’t imagine my life without it now.  I was also reluctant to try yoga at first because I was a bit intimidated and mistakenly thought it would be something that I’d do more to relax than exercise.  Boy was I wrong!

Yoga is not only one of the most difficult forms of exercise I’ve ever done, it has improved my life in the most positive ways possible.  Who would have thought that spending 30-minutes on a mat moving through yoga sequences would transform my life?  But it has.  So what I’ve personally learned through my own yoga adventure is, you’ll never know what yoga truly is until you’ve experienced it for yourself.  It doesn’t matter how much you’re told about yoga, you just have to give it a chance to truly understand.

As with all of the exercise programs that I do, I am an at-home yoga practioner.  Why?  Because I prefer to do yoga when I want, not by someone else’s schedule.  In addition, I like to change up my practice often and be able to pick and choose what program I’d like to do each day.  Here are my top 5 favorites; click on the name of each one to learn more.

Yogalosophy with Mandy Ingber is at the top for a reason!  This hybrid yoga workout combines yoga poses with traditional sculpting exercises that you’ll feel the next day.  I am a very big fan of Mandy’s because she doesn’t take herself too seriously, she’s hilarious and down to earth.  Mandy makes trying yoga for the first time easier.  Learn more about this yoga practice here.

AM PM Yoga with Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden is my husband’s favorite.  This particular DVD will help wake you up and/or prepare you for better sleep through a series of gentle yoga poses.  Learn more about this yoga practice here.

Skinnygirl Workout with Bethenny Frankel happens to be my go-to yoga practice every week especially when I don’t have a lot of time.  Not only will you be able to  choose how long you want each practice to be; you’ll get an incredible workout.  Learn more about this yoga practice here.

Yoga for Strength & Flexibility with Ashley Turner offers 2 programs and a bonus guided meditation.  You’ll get to do yoga for strength and/or flexibility with an instructor who knows her stuff with over 10 years experience.  Learn more about this workout here.

Yoga Meltdown with Jillian Michaelsis another hybrid type yoga workout that takes you through sequences that pick up in pace to burn mega calories.  It’s challenging, fun and you’ll feel it the next day!  Learn more about this yoga workout here.

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5 easy ways to become a morning person


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Everybody does it!  We set the alarm clock every night with good intensions of getting up early, but instead find ourselves hitting the snooze button over and over again.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to become a morning person?  Great news!  You can with these 5 easy steps.

  1. Change your routine by turning in and setting your alarm earlier.  Did you know that it takes about 2 weeks to change a routine?  Well, if you tend to stay up late, start to change that routine by going to bed a little earlier.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you will fall asleep; we are always much more tired than we know.  In addition, if you set your alarm clock 15-20 minutes earlier than you normally do, you will be able to ease into the day rather than being jolted out of bed.
  2. Shut everything off.  No television or electronics before bedtime anymore.  Stimulating the brain with cell phones and laptops doesn’t enable you to calm down and fall asleep as easily.  Although the idea of going to bed in darkness may be tough to swallow, once you’ve done it a few times you wake up realizing how quickly you fell asleep, you’ll never go back.  Try doing something calming before bed like taking a bath.
  3. Maintain a sleep schedule.  Studies how shown that lack of sleep and inconsistent sleep can cause brain damage, learn more about this here.  So do your best to keep the same sleep schedule each night, once you do this and incorporate the steps above, you’ll wake up feeling energized each morning.
  4. Reward yourself with breakfast.  Sleep is essential to your health, but so is starting the day with breakfast.  Walking out the door with just a coffee in your system is not going to help you become a morning person.  Instead, it’s going to make you grouchy and fatigued.  You don’t have to eat full plate of food, but some protein like a hard-boiled egg will transform your mornings.  Learn how to make the perfect hard-boiled eggs here.
  5. Morning exercise.  Most people would choose sleeping in that extra 20-30 minutes over exercise any day.  But did you know that exercising in the morning will actually give you more energy in addition to making you feel happier throughout the day than that little bit more of sleep?  Try one of these short quick workout DVD’s here.

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Eat and exercise like a man; lose more weight


Check out Joe’s book here (click pic).

Is it possible that women can learn from a man when it comes to weight loss?  Some experts think so.  There’s got to be a reason why the man in your life can decide that’s he’s going to drop a few pounds and within weeks can see the results; where women will work at it for months with very little change.  What’s the deal?

According to Sean Bourke, MD and co-founder of JumpstartMD, “Weight loss is stacked in favor of men on account of difference in hormones, metabolism and muscle mass.”  Based on these facts, men will build more muscle, burn more calories and lose more weight than women the same age following the same routine.

So what can women do to keep up?

  1. Cut one unhealthy food.  Since men don’t cut an entire food group from their diet, but instead only eliminate one unhealthy food, they are able to make an impact on their weight.  Women tend to cut carbs or dairy as a whole, but instead maybe skip the 3 packets of sugar in your coffee or that bowl of ice cream on Friday nights?  “When a diet is padded with calories from one thing, eliminating it can lead to immediate weight loss,” says Patricia Bannan, RD, author of Eat Right When Time is Tight.
  2. Workout in short bursts.  Skip long miles on the treadmill and instead choose high intensity internal training to get better results in a shorter period of time.  Science has proven that vigorous exercise in short bursts burns much more calories.  How?  Pamela Peeke, MD and author of Body for Life for Women says, “You’re challenging your muscles and your metabolism and pushing the volume of oxygen in the lungs, driving up calorie burn.”  Looking for workouts that will do this?  Check out my favorites here.
  3. Build muscle.  Women tend to choose cardio over strength training; which is a serious mistake.  There’s no other form of exercise more beneficial than weight training, whether it be with dumbbells and/or your own body weight.  Why?  Because muscle mass enables you to burn more calories long after your workout is over.  Push-ups, planks and challenging heavier weights will transform your body.  Check out one of the best weight training DVD workouts here.

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Best intense short burst workouts; my 3 choices


One of the best interval training workouts!

Science has recently proven that intense short burst workouts are much more beneficial than lengthy jogs on the treadmill or rides on the stationary bike.  Why?  Because vigorous exercise burns more calories, challenges your muscles and metabolism while enabling you to lose weight faster.

Here are 3 of the best intense short burst workouts that I do often.

Kickbox Fastfix is one of the best investments you can make to yourself for under $10!  This workout DVD offers three 20-minute intense kickboxing workouts that get your heartbeat up through all kinds of moves that get your heart pumping.  Once focuses on lower body, another on upper body and the last on the abdominals.  You’re in and you’re out with unbelievable results.  Check it out here.

UFIT Ultra Burn is a must have!  UFIT stands for ultra focused internal training and it’s just that.  The 20-minute cardio segment on this DVD is intense and no-stop, but fun and different from anything else you’ve ever done.  The workout consists of about 18 different moves, 1-minute each, set to new song each time.  There’s also a 20-minute sculpt and stretch segment that is absolutely fantastic mixing weights, body strength and stretch all into one workout.  Check it out here.

Ripped in 30 will get your body ripped through circuit training that focuses on 3-minutes of strength, 2-minutes of cardio and then 1-minute of abs.  The DVD offers 4 workouts that are each about 20-30 minutes long with 3 sets of 6-minute circuits, a warm up and a cool down.  You will use hand weights and body strength as your rip through these short burst workouts.  Check it out here.

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What is the proper way to perform a squat

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What’s the proper way to perform a squat?


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Everybody knows that the squat is the best exercise that you can do.  Heck, even Mandy Ingber includes squats within her Yogalosophy practice, giving Jennifer Aniston her tight backside and toned legs.  There’s simply no other exercise that measures up to the squat.  Learn more about why squats are the best here.

Consistently doing squats each day will transform your hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, butt and abs.  They will also build muscle enabling you to burn more calories at rest.  But with all of the benefits that come from doing squats, it’s important that they are performed properly to protect against injury.

Here is the proper way to perform squats:

  1. Warm up by stretching out your legs, touch your toes or maybe do few runners lunges to get your body ready for squats.
  2. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  3. With your back straight and relaxed, be sure to keep your knees directly over your ankles and feet.
  4. Bend and lower your knees, hips and butt until reaching a 90 degree angle slowly, squats should never be rushed.
  5. Pull yourself back up to starting position while tightening your butt at the same time.
  6. Repeat this 20 times, performing 2-3 sets three to four times per week and watch your lower body transform.  How many can you do?  36?

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Fabletics; Kate Hudson brings women an affordable quality athletic line


Photo Credit: Fabletics.com; Learn more about Fabletics here (click pic).

I don’t know about you, but spending hundreds of dollars on workout wear isn’t something that I have any interest in doing.  Who would?  But there’s something to be said about wearing a workout outfit that not only fits well and is comfortable, but is also really cute. Forget paying $80 and up for a pair of leggings at LuLuLemon or Athleta, Kate Hudson has solved the problem with her co-creation of Fabletics!

Kate told ‘Shape’ magazine, “It’s an athletic apparel line, but I really see it as more of a lifestyle brand with pieces based around what women want to wear all day.”

Fabletics primary focus is for you to get fit in style with cutting-edge quality athletic clothing without breaking the bank.  The brand offers every type of workout wear for yoga, running and cycling created to fit and perform for every woman, all available through their website. In addition to great prices, Fabletics is always offering special discounts, promotions and free shipping.

Whether you’re looking for tanks, tees, performance tops, sports bras, leggings, shorts, jackets or pants, Fabletics has it all in hip, fun colors and styles.  I had the opportunity to test a number of pieces and I must say that I’m quite impressed.  The sizes are availabe in XXS-XXL, fitting sizes 0-18, and for the most part fit as recommended.

The long sleeve performance tops fit beautifully and are comfortable.  As far as the tank tops go, getting a size larger than what you’d normally get might be best.  The size of your chest should be accounted for and the straps do tend to run a little tight.  The shorts and leggings are great, but depending on how fitted you like your bottoms to be, you might want to go up a size there also.

You can visit Fabletics website periodically and purchase items you’d like whenever you want or you can become a VIP member; which allows you special discounts and perks with never an obligation to buy.  You’ll take a quick lifestyle quiz so that they can get to know what keeps you active.  The styles and colors change with each month as to keep the looks fresh, fashionable and in season.

Peronally, I  like Fabletics very much and I think you will too.  There’s something pretty cool about having access to some of the best, hip active wear styles that Kate Hudson has created, designed and wears at affordable prices.  Learn more and check out Fabletics here.

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Feeling energy deprived? 7 simple things anyone can do to get a boost today

Learn how to make this delicious roasted garlic here, click pic.

Learn how to make this delicious roasted garlic.

Are you often asking yourself, “Why do I always feel so tired?”  Almost everyone that I know is running on empty, exhausted all of the time and don’t know what to do about it.  Since your health isn’t a quick fix, developing new habits and practices is the only way to improve the function of your body, how you feel and increase your energy levels.

Here are 7 simple things anyone can do starting today for increased energy.

  1. Exercise in any form increases your energy instantly.  Most people think they’re too tired to move their bodies outside of the norm, but actually that lack of movement is what playing a roll with their lack of energy.  Get the blood flowing today with 7 of the best workouts here.
  2. Spices like cinnamon, turmeric, oregano, ginger and allspice can boost your energy levels because they’re jam-packed with anti-oxidants.  Herbs and spices are considered to be medicine for the body so adding them to your meals is a very simple way to improve your health and feel energized.  Garlic is one of my favorite ways to incorporate a natural boost.  Check out an easy way, delicious way to eat garlic here.
  3. Tea and its benefits are a constant conversation at Skinny Healthy Girl.  Making green tea a part of your routine will not only increase your energy, without dehydrating your body, it will also regulate your blood sugar, lower inflammation and improve your overall health.  Learn more about the benefits of green tea here.
  4. Yoga & meditation should be a part of everyone’s life, period, even in the smallest way.  Why?  Because our bodies are negatively affected and over stimulated with incredibly busy schedules; which directly affect the nervous system, immune function and blood pressure.  Even though you may think that you “don’t have time” for a little yoga or 10-minutes of meditative breathing, you do.  Try these best yoga workout DVD’s that can fit into any schedule here.
  5. Eat more vegetables versus meat to improve energy levels through the vitamins, antioxidants and fiber they provide.  What are the best vegetables you can eat for your health?  Tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers and anything GREEN will naturally increase your energy levels.
  6. Sleep is the obvious thing to do when it comes to increasing energy but unfortunately most people aren’t getting enough.  Research show that everyone should be getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night, any more or less can negatively affect your energy and overall health.  Turn off all electronics at least any hour before bedtime to allow your brain to decompress; overstimulation is one of the many factors affecting sleep nowadays.  Learn more about sleep & beauty here.
  7. Sex can increase energy in both men and women.  Believe it or not, when you think you’re too tired for sex, it’s probably because you’re not having enough of it.  You can actually boost your energy by getting busy in bed, in addition to improve your heart health.  Learn more about yoga and sex here.

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5 delicious beers; low calories

abeerDid you know that most “light” beers labeled “ultra” and such aren’t just low in calories?  They also have less alcohol and usually a lot less flavor too.  What makes these beers low-cal in the first place is the amount of alcohol they contain because that is where the calories are found.

A low-calorie, low alcohol beer is fine and dandy if you’re watching your waistline, but the problem is that most people end up drinking MORE of it.  For instance, if you drink one ‘Miller 64′, you are most certainly consuming less calories, but you’d have to drink 2 of them to equal the same effect of 1 full-flavored beer; which most people end up doing anyway.

The moral of the story here is as always, indulge with moderation.  Isn’t it better to drink less of what you want?  So if you don’t want to undo your diet, here are 5 delicious full flavored beers that are relatively low in calories.

  1. Brooklyn Brewery is one of my husband’s favorite brands of beer.  In addtion to all of their fabulous flavors, they’ve made a ‘Brooklyn Pilsner’ that is refreshing, flavorful and only contains 155 calories with 5% alcohol.
  2. Murphy’s Irish Stout is one of the most delicious, rich dark beers you can drink; I just love it!  If you don’t think you like dark beers, give this one a chance.  You’ll feel satisfied with only 145 calories.
  3. Founders ‘All-Day IPA’ is one of very few lower calorie India Pale Ales available today offering delicious hoppy flavor with 4.7% alcohol.
  4. Hoegaarden offers a light Belgian flavor with thoughtful hints of orange peel and coriander at just 147 calories per bottle.  This beer is a perfect pick when looking for a crisp fun summer brew.
  5. Dogfish Head has become quite popular as a brand in the past few years, we’ve certainly had quite a few varieties in our house.  But the Festina Peche is quite special with it’s green apple flavor at only 4.5% alcohol.

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UFIT ‘Ultra Burn’ workout with Cindy Whitmarsh review; Love, love, love! Here’s why…



Had to share this news!  Yesterday I tried a new workout, UFIT ‘Ultra Burn’ with Cindy Whitmarsh and I love, love, loved it!  Here’s why.  If you’re not familiar with Cindy, she’s pretty cool.  Not only is she a fitness professional with more than 20 years of experience, she’s also inspiring, motivating and offers workouts that work.

As you know, I like workouts that don’t take a lot of time but pack a serious punch.  Who has time to waste, right?  Most people don’t workout because of time and are always looking for ways to fit exercise into their busy lives.  So when you can finally get that extra 20-minutes, you need a the workout to count.  ’Ultra Burn’ does just that!

The biggest reason why I love this workout so much and had to share it with you is because it’s fun, there’s no repetition and every move is different from the last.  The UFIT ‘Ultra Burn’ DVD offers two 20-minute workouts, one being a cardio calorie burner and the other a sculpt and stretch routine.

I love the cardio workout ‘Ultra Burn’ because it’s so different from all the others.  Cindy takes you through 20 cardio exercises, each 1-minute long, so you will never get bored; which I have a tendency to do.  You move from one exercise into the next so your heartbeat is up within the first few minutes of the workout and continues pumping throughout.

The sculpt and stretch segment was different in itself also.  I’ve never done a stretch that switches back and forth to sculpting with weights at the same time, so awesome!  You can do just the cardio, just the sculpt or both for a full 40-minute non-stop quality, full body workout.

In a nutshell, if you don’t have a lot of time, even if you do, and you’re looking for a kick-butt workout, you MUST check out UFIT ‘Ultra Burn’ with Cindy Whitmarsh, I HIGHLY recommend it, learn more here.

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10 easy ways to burn a quick 100 calories!


Do Something! Learn more here.

Lack of time is the #1 reason, or sometimes excuse, why most people don’t exercise.Unless it’s made a priority within your life and scheduled into your busy day, exercise generally won’t happen.  With that being said, there are so many sneaky ways to squeeze in a mini workout like we’ve talked about here, because something is always better than nothing, right?  That’s what interested me in these 10 easy ways to burn a quick 100 calories.  Do a few of them to burn even more, check them out…

  1. On the phone a lot?  Pace back & forth while you talk for 35-minutes.
  2. Jump rope for 10-minutes.
  3. Walk your dog for 30-minutes.
  4. Clean the house for 35-minutes.
  5. Do hard push-ups for 10-minutes.
  6. Dance for 18-minutes.
  7. Do a cardio workout video for 10-minutes. Try this one here.
  8. Go for a 12-minute bike ride.
  9. Cook a tasty healthy dinner for 40-minutes.
  10. Do yoga for 30-minutes! Do this workout here.

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Sugar; is it really toxic?


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I love sugar!  Who doesn’t really?  Even if you think that you don’t, it’s probably in something that you’re eating.  Anything chocolate is my go-to choice treat and I have some sort of it nearly everyday.  But more recently there’s been so much conversation about sugar and the negative things it can do to your health, some of it being quite concerning.

Most people don’t realize that sugar isn’t found in just sweets alone, it’s in almost every food that we buy, so reading labels and keeping track of how much you’re consuming is essential.  As with everything at Skinny Healthy Girl, there’s nothing wrong with indulging mindfully, but I feel it’s important to share this list of the negatives effects sugar can have on your body when eaten in high quantities often.  Be aware, be smart.


  1. Raises cholesterol.
  2. Increase the risk of diabetes.
  3. Kidney disease.
  4. Depression & anxiety.
  5. Arthritis.
  6. Constipation.
  7. Fluid retention.
  8. Induce headaches & weakens eyesight.
  9. Causes gall & kidney stones.
  10. Hormonal imbalances.
  11. Tooth decay
  12. Several types of cancer.
  13. Yeast infections.
  14. Weight gain.
  15. Asthma.
  16. Coronary heart disease.

Learn more about sugar and its effects on your body here.