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One of the most important words in my life is “change”.  When something isn’t working for me, I change it.  Why stay in the same unhappy situation day after day whatever that may be?  I would bet that the only thing getting in the way of change in your life is your habits and the decision to change them.  The word change is two-fold when it comes to exercise and here is why it’s so important.

Exercise can not only be difficult to perform, but it can also be boring which is probably the most challenging part of committing to the Skinny Healthy Girl Lifestyle. But because we have to move our bodies in some way everyday in order to have a shapely figure, it’s imperative to find ways to get over these hurdles. Honestly, I am one of those people that dreads doing the same exercise day after day, I will literally yawn throughout the workout.  I made a decision to change up my hum drum workout routine and set out to find the best, most efficient and effective workouts available today.  Efficiency is essential when it comes to exercise because time is the biggest excuse not to do it.  Most everyone I talk to says they just don’t have the time.  Well, I almost every workout that I have found and do myself is only about 30 minutes long and who doesn’t have time for that?

In addition, through trial and error, I have learned that it is true, if you don’t feel the burn, your body won’t change.  Going through the motions of an ancient exercise tape (yes, I said tape) that you have done a million times is not going change anything on your body.  Change happens when you get uncomfortable. If you continue to do the same motions everyday, you will never see any real results, you will just maintain the same shape.  For example, I used to just focus on cardiovascular exercises, like jogging or aerobics and would feel great afterwards, but I never noticed any sculpt to my body because all I was doing was maintaining. Don’t get me wrong,  jogging is a great way to exercise and I still include it as part of my routine, but you need more than just cardio workouts for real change.  Yoga is a very big part of my life now and I would never give it up.

Everyone needs balance in their life and with that, there must be balance within your workouts.  In order to change your body, you must change-up your exercise each day. When you confuse your muscles you will see them change right before your eyes, plus you won’t get bored.  Here is an example of just one of my weekly workout routines.  I try to balance sculpt and cardiovascular throughout the week in order to change my body effectively, but also keep me interested.


Monday-3 Mile Run

Tuesday-Physique 57

Wednesday-Jillian Michael’s Shed & Shred


Friday-3 Mile Run

Saturday-Off (but of course will do my 36 Squats)

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I also find it beneficial to schedule it and write out an exercise calendar which saves time each day and helps you prepare in advance like I talked about here.  I will continue to share all of my favorite excercises in detail and keep you posted as I am introduced to new routines.  Please feel free to also share what works for you.


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