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One of the most important words in my life is “change”.  When something isn’t working for me, I change it.  Why stay in the same unhappy situation day after day whatever that may be?  I would bet that the only thing getting in the way of change in your life is your habits and the decision to change them.  The word change is two-fold when it comes to exercise and here is why it’s so important.

Exercise can not only be difficult to perform, but it can also be boring which is probably the most challenging part of committing to the Skinny Healthy Girl Lifestyle. But because we have to move our bodies in some way everyday in order to have a shapely figure, it’s imperative to find ways to get over these hurdles. Honestly, I am one of those people that dreads doing the same exercise day after day, I will literally yawn throughout the workout.  I made a decision to change up my hum drum workout routine and set out to find the best, most efficient and effective workouts available today.  Efficiency is essential when it comes to exercise because time is the biggest excuse not to do it.  Most everyone I talk to says they just don’t have the time.  Well, I almost every workout that I have found and do myself is only about 30 minutes long and who doesn’t have time for that?

In addition, through trial and error, I have learned that it is true, if you don’t feel the burn, your body won’t change.  Going through the motions of an ancient exercise tape (yes, I said tape) that you have done a million times is not going change anything on your body.  Change happens when you get uncomfortable. If you continue to do the same motions everyday, you will never see any real results, you will just maintain the same shape.  For example, I used to just focus on cardiovascular exercises, like jogging or aerobics and would feel great afterwards, but I never noticed any sculpt to my body because all I was doing was maintaining. Don’t get me wrong,  jogging is a great way to exercise and I still include it as part of my routine, but you need more than just cardio workouts for real change.  Yoga is a very big part of my life now and I would never give it up.

Everyone needs balance in their life and with that, there must be balance within your workouts.  In order to change your body, you must change-up your exercise each day. When you confuse your muscles you will see them change right before your eyes, plus you won’t get bored.  Here is an example of just one of my weekly workout routines.  I try to balance sculpt and cardiovascular throughout the week in order to change my body effectively, but also keep me interested.


Monday-3 Mile Run

Tuesday-Physique 57

Wednesday-Jillian Michael’s Shed & Shred


Friday-3 Mile Run

Saturday-Off (but of course will do my 36 Squats)

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I also find it beneficial to schedule it and write out an exercise calendar which saves time each day and helps you prepare in advance like I talked about here.  I will continue to share all of my favorite excercises in detail and keep you posted as I am introduced to new routines.  Please feel free to also share what works for you.

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  1. I went out for a late dinner last night and ate more than I usually would so today I needed to work off some calories. I jogged 3 miles on the treadmill and was drenched in sweat, it felt wonderful. I was at an incline of 2% and at a rate of 4.5 miles per hour for most of the workout which was helpful in getting my heartbeat up so I could burn off the fat. I love to jog outside, but it is very hot and humid today and I find that the additional support of the treadmill would feel better on my knees.

  2. Another 3 miles on the treadmill today! Normally I wouldn’t do the same thing 2 days in a row, but there has been lots of eating going on this week so burning calories fast has been a priority. Tomorrow I will be doing and sharing with you a fabulous Jillian Michael’s DVD workout, so stayed tuned for that!

  3. As promised, I want to share with you a fantastic exercise DVD that will change your life. The newly released Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 is 4 weeks of 4 incredible workouts that, as she says, “Will get you into insane shape” over 30 days. It mixes cardio, strength and abs into a 24 minute workouts based on Jillian’s 3-2-1 interval system, 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs. Each week increases in difficulty, but she shows you beginner moves if you can’t keep up. You will need 3-5 pound weights, an exercise mat and some space. Personally, I like to put the DVD in and choose a workout rather than sticking to one particular routine for a full week because that can create bordom, therefore the possibility of losing interest and commitment. Today I did week 3 which was a very good workout and truly fits the saying, no pain, no gain. You have to feel the burn to change your body, there is just no way around that, and these workouts will do that. The best part about this DVD is the workouts are only 24 minutes so you will always be able to find the time to fit them into your day, but also, it’s truly a whole body workout. I feel amazing right now!!

  4. Sunday is my favorite day of the week and my yoga day. There is nothing like waking up and stretching every muscle in your body before the day starts. Since I have started doing yoga my posture has improved, my back pain has alleviated and I am stronger mentally and physically.

    Today I did Yoga Meltdown, another Jillian Michaels DVD. It offers 2 total body workouts that are each 30 minutes long with a warm up and a cool down. These yoga routines are intense and not only stretch your body parts, but burn calories at the same time, so you actually feel like you did something when you are finished. Jillian shows you beginner level moves and more advanced moves throughout the workout. You will feel the results immediately and see results in a few weeks time. I try to do this workout twice a week, midweek to stretch out my muscles from the intense workouts and Sundays to recoop and prepare my body for the new week. I also own other, less intense yoga DVD’s, but this one has the most intensity, all you need is a really good yoga mat.

  5. I believe that you should choose at least 1 day per week to take off from exercise and today was mine. It is Memorial Day, a day to relax, give thanks and allow the body some rest. My muscles are sore from all of the running on the treadmill, intense circuit training and yoga over the past week, so today was a good day to take off. Muscles need to repair themselves from the trauma of exercise and that enables them to get stronger. With continual wear and tear on your muscles, they become more prone to injury and we don’t want that.One thing you can do on your day off is to do a full body stretch. Grab your yoga mat, put on some relaxing music and take 20 minutes to stretch out. Doing this will help you be prepared for the upcoming week so that you can feel refreshed and start strong. Another great way to relax your mind and body is finding a quiet place and doing some meditation. There is nothing like taking time, even 10 minutes, for yourself at the end of a long week to sit in your meditation chair and find peace.

    I have already put my exercise plan together for the week and will continue to share each day with you each day.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  6. Wow! What a weekend! I spent 3 days traveling, experiencing new things and eating lots of delicous foods. I had an unforgetable dinner at one of Emeril’s restaurants for the first time with a great group of people. I saw the movie Everything Must Go with Will Ferrell and Rebecca Hall in a theatre that has ottomans for comfort and I had sushi with my husband at a place that I have never been before. With that said and done, I woke up this morning ready to run. I got on the treadmill and ran 3 miles and felt absolutely amazing afterwards. I followed that up with 2 sets of 15 “full body” push ups and some core exercises on my yoga mat. Today I pushed myself a bit to get charged up for the week and to work off some of those extra calories I took in over the weekend. What exercise did you do today?

  7. Wow! What a workout today! I am so refreshed and already feeling the effects. I did the Week #2 Circuit of Jillian Michaels Ripped In 30 and it was quite intense.

    The workout starts with a really effective warm up that includes stretches and gets the heartbeat going. It then continues with 3 minutes of strength that included my 5 pound weights, 2 minutes of cardio (which felt much longer than that) and 1 minute of abs. Throughout the 3 circuits of the same pattern there moves that involved jump jack planks for cardio, backward forward lunges with serving biceps, sumo wrestler squats with triceps and insect push ups that require you to move your leg to your elbow. This workout is effective and takes very little time from beginning to end. Again, all you need to do this workout properly is a yoga mat and 3-5 pounds weights. Can’t wait to share more exercise experiences with you tomorrow!

  8. Have you tried the Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones workout? I know it seems like I am being paid to talk about this woman and her dvd’s, but I am not. I am just a really big fan of the results I get from her circuit training exercises.

    This was the first of Jillians’ dvd’s that I had tried and I was so thrilled with the changes in my body that I started to believe in her. I had never watched The Biggest Loser, but I have to admit that I started to tune in after experiencing her method. This workout has two ab circuits, if you don’t have time to do any of the other parts of the workout, do these two. Let’s face it, even if the rest of our body is in ruin, when your abs are in shape and look strong, you look good.

    One of the ab circuits includes push ups that actually work your abdominals, which I hadn’t known before this workout. She pushes you to the point of severe pain with the use of weights in a portion of the circuit and then has you to turn over to do the push ups and I must say, it is quite intense.

    Today, before a 3 mile run, I did these core circuits and it felt amazing. When your mid-section is strong, any and all other exercises that you do are more efficient. Today I ran with a strong back and felt more confident running uphill.

    Burning calories and getting your heartbeat up is important, but body sculpting is just as important in my book. I will be sharing some life changing exercises with you very soon so stay tuned.

  9. Week 4 (Level 4) Ripped in 30 Jillian Michael’s dvd is one of the best cardio circuit training workouts I have ever done. The circuit starts with 3 minutes of strength, is followed by 2 minutes of cardio and finishes with 1 minute of abs.

    The strength includes moves like push up with weights, backward, forward and sideways lunges and squats while lifting weights above your head. The cardio consists of things like jumping jack leg lifts and high jumprope that really get your heart pounding. The ab section are difficult exercises such as a plank where you have to put your knee to your nose and hold for 15 seconds.

    This workout is 24 minutes, 30 total with warm up and cool down. It’s quick and very effective, I already feel my sore muscles.

  10. Sorry for no exercise update yesterday, June 5, it was Sunday and I was having a funday with my husband. But I did manage to fit in my 30 minute yoga session before starting my day and it felt wonderful. I was able to strengthen and stretch my entire body which was very much needed after another full workout week.

  11. After another fantastic weekend of fun and food, it was important to spend some time today working off some of those calories. I did 3.5 miles on the treadmill at the gym today, some lunges with weights and a few quick abdominal moves. It’s amazing how completely different your mind feels after 30-40 minutes of jogging and working up a sweat, it’s like a whole new day.

    With my 40 year old birthday just one month from today, I have made the commitment to even more to my mind and body connection. Yoga has really helped in finding balance, literally, during my practice, but that balance continues to work for you in life even after your workout is completed. What I mean by that is I have found that I stand stronger and straighter, but I also am at such peace in life that I make very thorough thoughtful decisions.

  12. Sorry to be missing in action the past few days. I have been incredibly busy traveling through 4 states in 3 days and I finally have a chance to breath. I didn’t have time to do much organized exercise, but I when I had a moment I did fit in a few things.

    When crunched for time or if unexpected things happen in your life, there is always minutes here and there that you can do something for your body. For instance, over the past few days, when I was brushing my teeth, I did 20 right side leg lifts and when flossing I did 20 on the left. Another opportinity take advantage of when you are strapped for time is right before going to bed, you can do 20 lunges or 10 hard push up. I always say that something is better than nothing at all.

  13. Do you want to wear a tight fitting tank top this summer, but are afraid that your stomach might look flabby or your arms have no definition? The Physique 57 Arm & Ab Booster 30 Minute Workout is the perfect pick me up when you want to feel and look extra strong in your core and arms, plus it’s easy to fit into your schedule. Sculpting exercies are essential if you want to look chiseled and this routine will not disappoint.

    The first half of the dvd class focuses on the arms with the use of weights and your own body resistance through push ups and planks on a yoga mat. It also incorporates the legs while working your arms with weights to the point of ultimate burn so you know that you are making a difference in both areas and changing your body on the spot.

    The second half of the dvd works the abdominals in some of the most challenging moves that I have ever encountered. The best part about the core portion is the exercises are different from the normal boring routine which makes it more fun and more effective. The ab section also incorporate weights and a playground ball which adds even more difficulty. The instructor, Shelley Knight, truly works every ab muscle in your body to the point of complete and utter burn where you can almost feel the fat falling off.

    So if you want to look fabulous in that strapless dress or fitted tank, this workout will help you achieve that goal in a very short time with commitment and consistency. There is nothing more sexy than a strong woman, inside and out.

  14. Sunday is the perfect day of the week for yoga. The stamina and balance building poses sculpt the body while easing the mind. Personally, I don’t know a better way to start each week. All it takes is an open mind and a yoga mat along with a commitment to be consistent so you can benefit from the results.

    If you have never tried yoga for whatever reason, I wish you would reconsider. There are more life benefits from yoga than any other exercise in the world. Keep in mind that no one expects perfection because it is nearly impossible to achieve and that’s what makes yoga interesting and challenging. It keeps your interest because you can always do better as you continue to practice. I have learned that strong yoga poses don’t happen overnight, it takes at least 6 sessions and a whole mind and body connection to find your own balance. So once you start, don’t give up and remember, having a positive attitude and a willingness to try is a great starting point and will help you continue.

    I just bought Jennifer Aniston’s yoga instructor’s dvd, Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy and I can’t wait to try it. Who doesn’t want to have a sculpted body like Jenn? I am excited to add this workout to my routine and share my thoughts and opinions with you, so stay tuned.

  15. Grilled Chicken and Shrimp Soft Tacos are so fresh, delicous and healthy all at the same time. I eat low fat wraps all summer long full of healthy ingredients like chicken, shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes, avacodo, cilantro, scallions and fat free Greek yogurt. They are so light and perfect for the summer heat on the beach or in your backyard on the deck.

    In my opinion, there is nothing tastier or easier to make than fresh tacos. I throw together a marinade for the chicken and shrimp consisting of extra virigin olive oil, cilantro, salt, pepper and fresh lime juice…email me if you want the exact amounts of each @ I grill the protein and the low fat soft taco shells a bit, just to warm and give them a little bit of a chared taste and serve with your healthy fixins. It’s that easy and leftovers are easy enough to warm up for lunch the next day. Bon Appetite!

  16. Exercise can be boring, repetitious, difficult to maintain and commit to for the long run. In recent years, the trampoline has become extremely popular. Mostly, people purchase trampolines for their children as an outside activity. They can be large, bulky and an eyesore in your yard, but now there is a whole new chapter for this product.

    The mini trampoline, or rebounder, is absolutely amazing and truly is a full body workout. It can fit anywhere in your home because it is only 40 inches round and foldable for easy storage. You can also take them with you as many fit into a travel bag and some even come with a stabilizer bar for balance. The mini trampoline is truly one of the best exercise tools on the market today. You just have to make sure to buy the right one, ensure it is sturdy (steel is best) and accessible. Recently, it has been said that rebounding is one of the most efficient and effective exercises ever devised by man.

    Since the toughest part of exercising on a mini trampoline is keeping your balance, it is fantastic for your core. Any move you do is going to work your abs along with so many other muscles in your body, just remember to keep your lower abdominal pulled in at all times. Also, make sure you have on comfortable, non-slip shoes, preferably sneakers. A good warm up is always suggested and will help get you balanced and comfortable, this could just be a basic bounce to get your heart rate up. Moving onto a simple jog will continue to increase your heart rate. Jogging for about 5-8 minutes is optimal and will get you ready for the next set of exercises.

    To keep that heart pumping, a jumping jack exercise is not only a great cardio move, but is so much better to do on a mini trampoline as it is easier on the joints. This can be done by starting in the middle, bouncing up and spreading your feet apart while putting your arms above your head. When you land, watch your feet, this is a fast move and it doesn’t take many of them to work up a sweat, doing 10-15 jumping jacks is great. One of the best sculpting exercises you can do is to stand in the middle of the mini trampoline with your left hand on your left hip and slowly raise and lower your right leg with your knee slightly bent. Doing three sets of 10 on each side will work your outer thigh and get rid of those saddle bags for good in addition to working your oblique muscles (your side abs).

    Another great exercise that is beneficial to do on a mini trampoline is squats. Again, standing in the middle, with arms out in front of you, or hold onto your stabilizer bar if you have one, and squat down a low as you can go, making sure your knees stay behind your feet. Doing 3 sets of 15 will get your thighs in amazing shape in no time and will really work that heart muscle. One of the best things you can do for yourself is exercising on a mini trampoline, it’s healthy, effective and so much fun. Get ready for summer and then maintain your new body throughout the year with the best workout on the planet.

  17. Do you want to get six pack abs? Do you want to know how to lose belly fat? Today I am reviewing a new Jillian Michaels dvd for you . Let me just say, her 6 Week Six Pack is one tough workout! It’s a combination of exercises, including some cardio, that focuses on strengthening the core. There are two levels to choose from and both consist of two circuits. Basically, you do a 15 minute workout and then repeat it after a warmup and then there is a fantastic cool down. There is a lot of floor work, a whole bunch of moves that you have probably never seen before and are extremely effective. There is also some standing moves, but the whole workout is entirely focused on the abs and is non-stop to the point that it really gets the heart pounding.

    Jillian says that if you do level one for 3 weeks and then level two for another 3 weeks, you will see dramatic results. Personally, I can tell you that I feel the difference from my one workout today. I highly recommend this dvd if you are looking for an intense, fat-buring, abdominal focused workout. This routine will rip your midsection in no time and improve your confidence immediately. All you will need is one 3-5 pound weight and an exercise mat to do this workout and lose that belly fat for good.

  18. What a busy day! I had so much to do that I had to make a list, but what’s new? It’s so hard to stay on track and accomplish everything that you set out to do in a day without a plan in place, right?

    No matter how much I have on my plate, exercise is always a part of my day, it’s always on the list, even if it’s just a quick workout. There are always going to be days when you may feel like you don’t have the time because your “to do ” list is so long, but exercise will actually make the day flow in a much smoother way. I started out a little overwhelmed today, but after my workout, I felt refreshed, focused and I ended up accomplishing everything on my list.

    My workout of choice was a circuit routine that included weights, cardio and abs. I have to say that I was a bit sore from an intense yoga practice yesterday, but I made it through and actually felt better once I had finished. I did some deep stretches before and after, which my body needed, so I can’t imagine how I would feel right now if I hadn’t fit this workout in today.

    Whenever possible, even if it’s a 20 minute jog around the block, throw on your sneakers and just do it. I don’t mean to sound all Nike on you, but it’s true, don’t over think it. Keep in mind, when it comes to exercise, something is always better than nothing and remember, you are worth it!

  19. I turned 40 years old last week and I have never felt happier or healthier in my life. If it wasn’t for a calendar, I wouldn’t believe my age because I don’t feel 4 decades young. I truly believe that you decide how old you are in your mind. It’s how you feel when you wake up in the morning, it’s your outlook on life, it’s a positive nature and most importantly, it’s how you take care of yourself.

    I have been living a skinny healthy lifestyle since I turned 18 years old. I made the decision back then that I would do whatever it took to look and feel the best I could possibly be. I took an interest in cooking healthy foods and have always been looking for the next great thing in exercise to keep fit. So much has changed from the Jane Fonda days (yes I did her videos) and I have learned so much over the past 20+ years. It took some time, but I have found the most balanced weekly exercise schedule for me and I would love to share it with you. It works because it is a little bit of everything, stretching, sculpting, cardio and rest.

    Saturday-Off to rest the body

    Moving the days around is ok, but consistently stretching and sculpting between cardio sessions is essential for muscle confusion and to keep it interesting. Exercise gets especially boring when you do the same sort of thing everyday. I will be sharing the actual workouts that I do with you over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

  20. I want to share 3 of the most time efficient effective exercises that I do on a weekly basis. These workouts are truly for the woman who doesn’t have a lot of time for exercise, but wants a kick-butt workout that is effective and gets the ultimate results.

    1. The first workout is Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30. This dvd is made up of four 30 minute workouts that are 3 circuits long. Each circuit includes 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs, it’s called the 3-2-1 interval system and it’s extremely effective. You don’t stop and you only need 3-5 pound weights and a yoga mat.

    2. The second workout is Physique 57’s Arm and Ab Booster. It’s another 30 minute workout that spends 1/2 the time working on your arms (in a big way) that requires 3-5 pound weights and includes some legwork. The second 1/2 of the workout focuses on your abs with very intense exercises that will make your core burn and a yoga matt is essential. The idea of the dvd is to “sculpt your arms and cinch your waistline” and it does.

    3. The third time efficient effective workout is Booty Barre + Abs and Arms. The dvd is broken into sections that you can do for time efficiency or you can do the whole hour and 20 minutes if you want. The barre section is what I mostly do because it’s about 30 minutes long and is extremely effective for your legs, butt and abs. There are lots of ballet moves incorporated into this workout plus some cardio blasts in between to keep your heart pumping. You need a sturdy chair, 3-5 pound weights, a playground ball and a yoga mat.

  21. Yogalosophy is a hybrid yoga workout is just what I expected, fantastic. It consists of all the traditional yoga poses paired with sculpting exercises that are all very challenging to say the least. The instructor, Mandy Ingber, who gives private classes in the Los Angeles area, is well-known to the celebrities including Jennifer Aniston. I can see why Jenn is in such amazing shape after doing Mandy’s routine.

    The workout is a little more than 30 minutes and really packs a punch. The past two times I completed it, my legs were shaky for a while when I walked down the stairs. Mandy has a sense of humor and makes yoga fun and relaxing at the same time. She makes you want to be better at yoga, but focuses on doing what is best for you and your body. As she says, “You will sculpt sleek muscles and unwind your mind”.

  22. Over a week ago I decided to challenge myself to do a 36 squats a day challenge for a year. Why did I choose to do 36 per day? Because that number adds up to just over 250 squats per week, to just over 1000 squats per month and totals over 12,000 squats for the year which rounds out nicely.

    I have performed squats for many years now, not daily, but within workout routines, so I know that they work extremely well in sculpting muscles in the legs and butt. But I wanted to see what would happen if I really committed to them every single day. I can honestly tell you that I am already feeling and seeing fantastic results.

    It’s important to have proper form when performing squats because you could injure your knees if you aren’t careful. I have learned that it is essential to keep your knees behind your toes and feet as much as possible. I also understand that the lower and slower you go, the more difficult and effective the squats will be.

    Squats are considered to be one of the best exercises you can do because they target so many muscles at one time. With proper form, a squat will work your butt, thighs, hamstrings, glutes (butt), calves, abs and back and you can’t get much better than that.

    I started a little over a week ago, on August 20th, while on vacation and the immediate effects was mostly pain. I felt my muscles tighten while doing the squats and even more right after completing the 36 squats. I especially felt the discomfort when trying to sit down, but on the other hand, it felt great to know that I was strengthening my legs above and beyond the norm.

    I workout nearly 6 days per week and have for over 20 years which I have talked about here, so I am considered to be in very good shape. Needless to say, I was thrilled to learn that I had much more work to do in building muscle in my legs and butt and I am so excited to see what happens next.

    Fitting the 36 squats per day into my schedule has been easy. I made the commitment, which is always the hardest part and that is really all it takes. I can do them while I brush my teeth, while watching tv or right after my workout, anyone can fit 4-5 minutes into their life. The point it, I will not go to bed each night until my 36 squats have been completed, that is commitment. Plus, I know that I have to follow up with you guys here on my blog and I can’t disappoint.

    Having just completed my 36 squats for the day, I have calculated that it puts me at 8 days in with 288 squats completed. I must say that I feel great. The pain has subsided, I see the results of tightened muscles in my thighs and butt and I actually feel smaller in those areas.

    I will periodically keep you posted on my year long endeavor and maybe even take some pictures so you can see the results for yourself. This is so exciting! Let me know, have any of you ever committed to an exercise, like the 36 squats a day challenge, everyday for a year? If so, I would love to hear about it.

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