Best Way To Get Tight Buns and Thighs, 36 Squats a Day

There is no doubt, the best way to get tight buns and thighs is 36 squats a day! As we head into 2012, many of us are hoping for a healthy and fit new year and most of us start out strong, but tend to lose focus and commitment very quickly.  Coming out of the holidays of “eating more than we should” pushes us to do something about the extra bloat at the start of the year, but it’s the long term promise that really makes the difference.  I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because they generally don’t stick, but I do believe in making new and fresh lifestyle commitments that are non-negotiable.  Nothing feels better than making a decision for yourself and actually following through with it, so why not let 2012 be that year?

Back on August 20, 2011, I made a committment with the 36 Squats A Day Challenge that I talked about here.  I made the decision, no matter what it took, to perform at least 36 squats a day for 1 year and I have updated you periodically throughout my journey here and here.  This 36 squats a day vow that I made to myself has been the best way to get tight buns and thighs, but has also been a confidence builder in the way of sticking to an obligation.  Exercise has so many benefits outside of looking good, it helps you feel good in addition to feeling stronger, more confident and overall a happier human being.

Pairing my 36 squats a day with the daily commitment to exercises like, jogging, yoga and my beloved Physique 57 that I talked about here sculpts the entire body into the best it can be for life.  I happened to catch a glance at a side view of myself the other day in the mirror and at 40 years old, I have never been more content with my lower half.  With 138 days and 4,968 squats under my belt, I am so glad that I have another 7 months to go and I can’t wait to see the full results.  Truly, the best way to get tight buns and thighs is 36 squats a day!

3 Months and 3384 Squats Later…

I can’t believe that I have hit 94 days today with 3384 squats completed within the 36 squats a day challenge that I talked about here.  Technically I am over 1/4 of the way finished which is an accomplishment in itself and looking back, it really wasn’t that difficult. The hardest part of this 36 squat a day challenge was the commitment, just like any exercise routine, once you make the decision to make it part of your lifestyle that I shared with you here, there’s no turning back.

It’s funny, the 36 squats have become such a big part of my day that my husband often asks me, “Have you done your squats yet today?”.  I love that he sometimes joins in alongside of me or roots me on because having that kind of support from your friends and family is an essential part of living a balanced healthy lifestyle.

As far as results are concerned, I don’t think that I will ever be able to give up my daily squats, even after the 1 year challenge is complete.  Squats are truly the best possible exercise for your butt and thighs to stay firm and strong all year long and why would you want anything less for yourself?  I love the way my bottom half looks and I am only 25% through my challenge, it’s only got to get better from here.

Please continue to keep me posted on your successes and results, I love hearing from you!

36 Squats A Day Challenge Update

I Feel Firmer, Tighter & Stronger.

How are your 36 squats a day challenge going?  When are you doing yours, in the morning or the evening?  Have you noticed any changes in your lower body yet?

Today marks day 25 for me on the 36 squats a day challenge that I talked about here, so I thought that it would be a good time to check in and update you on my achievement of 900 squats so far.  Honestly, I don’t think that I have ever done that many squats in such a short period of time and I am thrilled that I have another 340 days to go.  It’s exciting to set a goal for yourself and follow through by completing it.

I started out by doing the 36 squats right before bed, but I was finding it difficult some nights when I was really tired.  So now I am getting the squats completed right after my daily exercise and it is working out much better.  My lower body is definitely getting stronger, the muscles are more sculpted and my skin is getting tighter.  I’ve realized through this challenge, that squats have to be a part of my daily routine for life.  In order for my body to stay in shape, especially as I get older, lower body strength is essential. Plus, cellulite hates squats, it simply disappears as your muscles get more shapely and we are always going to want to wear a bathing suit, so it’s a win win.

I am thrilled that you have joined me on this 36 squats a day challenge, please send me an update when you can.  I will check in again soon.