Amazing Abs In No Time

Have you tried the Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones workout? I know it seems like I am being paid to talk about this woman and her dvd’s, but I am not. I am just a really big fan of the results I get from her circuit training exercises.This was the first of Jillians’ dvd’s that I had tried and I was so thrilled with the changes in my body that I started to believe in her. I had never watched The Biggest Loser, but I have to admit that I started to tune in after experiencing her method.

This workout has two ab circuits, if you don’t have time to do any of the other parts of the workout, grab your exercise mat and do these two. Let’s face it, even if the rest of our body is in ruin, when your abs are in shape and look strong, you look good. One of the ab circuits includes push ups that actually work your abdominals, which I hadn’t known before this workout. She pushes you to the point of severe pain with the use of weights in a portion of the circuit and then has you to turn over to do the push ups and I must say, it is quite intense.

Today, before a 3 mile run, I did these core circuits and it felt amazing. When your mid-section is strong, any and all other exercises that you do are more efficient. Today I ran with a strong back and felt more confident running uphill. Burning calories and getting your heartbeat up is important, but body sculpting is just as important in my book. I will be sharing some life changing exercises with you very soon so stay tuned.

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