Best tip; eating healthy while traveling

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It can be nearly impossible to eat healthy while traveling, but with a little thought and planning it can be done. It’s always smart to eat something in the morning before going anywhere, but it’s essential when you have a full day of travel ahead of you.

Even after having some whole grain toast or an egg with your coffee, there will be temtations the rest of your day as you walk through airports or are offered food on the plane. I beat the unhealthy food offerings by always having a protein/fiber bar in my bag.

I tried the kashi peanut and chocolate bar recently and loved it. Eating 1/2 will kill your appetite and then you have the rest for later in your trip. This particular bar has 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber with only 200 calories. So if you eat half of the bar you are only consuming 100 calories, not too bad in comparison to a fast food hamburger with over 1000.

I truly believe that you should enjoy your travels and eat some food outside the healthy box, but why not start out right or head home getting back on track? It’s all about balance, right? Happy travels!

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