Get Tank Top Ready In A Hurry

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Do you want to wear a tight-fitting tank top this summer, but are afraid that your stomach might look flabby or that your arms have no definition? The Physique 57 Arm & Ab Booster 30 Minute Workout is the perfect pick me up when you want to feel and look extra strong in your core and arms, plus it’s easy to fit into your schedule. I have learned that sculpting exercises are essential if you want to look chiseled and this routine will not disappoint.

The first half of the dvd class focuses on the arms with the use of weights and your own body resistance through push ups and planks on a yoga mat. It also incorporates the legs while working your arms with weights to the point of ultimate burn so you know that you are making a difference in both areas and changing your body on the spot.

The second half of the dvd works the abdominal in some of the most challenging moves that I have ever encountered. The best part about the core portion is the exercises are different from the normal boring routine which makes it more fun and more effective. The ab section also incorporate weights and a playground ball which adds even more difficulty. The instructor, Shelley Knight, truly works every ab muscle in your body to the point of complete and utter burn where you can almost feel the fat falling off.

So if you want to look fabulous in that strapless dress or fitted tank, this workout will help you achieve that goal in a very short time with commitment and consistency. There is nothing more sexy than a strong woman, inside and out.

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