I tried Jennifer Aniston’s Yogalosophy Workout

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Sunday is the perfect day of the week for yoga. The stamina and balance building poses sculpt the body while easing the mind. Personally, I don’t know a better way to start each week. All it takes is an open mind and a good quality yoga mat along with a commitment of consistency so you can benefit from the results.

If you have never tried yoga, for whatever reason, I wish you would reconsider. There are more life benefits from yoga than any other exercise in the world.  Yoga truly improves your posture, improves balance, strengthens your muscles, sculpts your body, burns calories and most importantly, gives you confidence like you have never had before.

Keep in mind that no one expects perfection because it is nearly impossible to achieve and that’s what makes yoga interesting and challenging. It keeps your interest because you can always do better as you continue to practice. I have learned that strong yoga poses don’t happen overnight, it takes at least 6 sessions and a whole mind and body connection to find your own balance. So once you start, don’t give up and remember, having a positive attitude and a willingness to try is a great starting point for anything new in life.

I just bought Jennifer Aniston’s yoga instructor’s dvd, Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy and I can’t wait to try it. Who doesn’t want to have a sculpted body like Jenn? I am excited to add this workout to my routine and share my thoughts and opinions with you, so stay tuned. Learn more about Yogalosophy here.

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