Welcome to the New Blog: Skinny Healthy Girl

Welcome to Skinny Healthy Girl!! I am so excited to share with you the truth and facts on how to be healthy and skinny at the same time.  I use the word Skinny because that is what we all strive to be, it attracts attention, so if you are reading this, it’s done it’s job.  My true focus is about living a balanced healthy lifestyle that will enable you to look your absolute best, but will also allow you to live your life to the fullest.  We all know that diets don’t work for the long run, but lifestyle choices do.  No one can stay regimented on a Weight Watchers type program their whole life and who would want to?  But we all can find newer ways to eat healthier and newer ways to move our bodies that will enable us to look amazing.

I am asked on a daily basis what I do to maintain my shape, yet eat almost anything that I want and that is why I decided to create this blog.  You can build a lifestyle of eating and exercising that works for you and this website will guide you along the way.  Everything in our lives must have balance because it is unhealthy to do too much of anything and one of our biggest culprits is eating too many fattening foods.  You can eat in a balanced healthy way without feeing deprived and with over two decades of tips and tricks that have worked for me, I am ready to share them all with you. Follow the Skinny Healthy Girl blog so you don’t miss a thing and stay tuned!

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