Carbs Are Ok, Balance is Key

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Do not believe the hype, it’s ok to eat carbs and maintain a beautiful shape. Just like everything else we talk about on this blog, balance is key in life.   Be sure to always and only buy high fiber carbohydrates. That means if they don’t have it in a fiber option, don’t buy it. Trust me, there are some delicous fiber options out there right now, they have come a long way. I actually like the taste of high fiber products better than the unhealthy white flour options.

Some of my favorite brands:
1. Barilla Plus Multi-Grain Pasta
2. Fiber One Cereal
3. Arnold Whole Grains Breads (4grams fiber/5 grams protein per slice)

Fiber is good for you because it keeps you feeling full, where carbs alone are short-lived. It also keeps your intestines healthy and fights cancers. Many high fiber foods contain proteins which is another great way to fill yourself up. Fiber is also generally low in fat so you can stay slim. I only eat fiber-enriched breads, pastas, and cereals. The most important thing to remember is healthy carbs are essential for energy, will make your workouts more effective and will be burned off with your daily exercise routine anyway. So don’t pass on the carbs, just choose the right ones.

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