Fit Body Benefits

I am always doing research and hunting down facts and information on fit body benefits. It’s important to be up to date on the latest and greatest workouts, but at the same time be informed of all the benefits of keeping the body fit. Here are a few interesting things I have learned that I would like to share with you and if nothing else, I hope that at least one of these benefits will motivate you to exercise today.

1. If you stretch your body before going for a run or any type of exercise, you could increase your calorie burn by 5%.  The truth is, loose limbs use more energy. We tend to put stretching on the back burner and focus more about the workout itself, but stretching before a workout will help elongate the body over time and stretching after a workout is deserved.

2. Exercise makes your skin look younger, as we talked about here.

3. Although there is no doubt that your DNA may predispose you to pack on the pounds, I have learned that if you are willing to fight that fact and work out for 30 minutes a day, you can offset that tendency by 40%.  There is nothing worse than excuses and genetics should not be one of them, there is nothing more attractive than a human being who fights to be fit.

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4. This is one of my favorites.  It’s been proven that people who do yoga for one hour, 3 times per week for twelve weeks will increase their brain chemicals that are linked to depression. Yoga not only chisels your body, it makes people happier! Any and all exercise makes us feel happy, so why not?

5. Walking for 40 minutes three times per week for 1 year improves brain function.  Exercise will not only help you you look fit and feel great, it will make you smarter.  I find that I can think much more clearly after a workout than before.

6. Exercise can help you gain more confidence in yourself.  Getting your body into shape will help you feel better about yourself.  Also, setting exercise goals and meeting them will do doubt boost your confidence to new levels.

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