Balance Strengthens Core

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When your center is strong, everything surrounding it is balanced.  One of the reasons why yoga is such a great way to improve your core strength is because of the focus on balancing your body.  The more balance exercises you do, the stronger your mid-section becomes.  Having the proper yoga fitness tools, such as a quality yoga mat, strap or bolster are essential in helping you find that balance because they aid in comfort and relaxation.
Another great balance core strength exercise is the ball.  A fun way to improve coordination and stability while both exercising the abdominal muscles is the exercise ball.  
The Natural Fitness Professional Burst Resistant Exercise Balls enable you to improve core strength and balance and provides a firm, comfortable surface for a wide variety of activities. You can do all of your core exercises with the ball. Burst resistant, these gym balls are designed to withstand the most rigorous exercise regimens.  Replace a chair in your home with an exercise ball at a desk or a table and work your core without even realizing it because sitting on a round surface takes effort than a flat surface.

Find your balance, strengthen your core.

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