Jennifer Aniston’s YOGALOSOPHY, a workout for life!

This new hybrid yoga workout is just what I expected, absolutely fantastic!  Yogalosophy is a workout for life and consists of all the traditional yoga poses you would expect paired with challenging sculpting exercises. The instructor, Mandy Ingber, who gives private classes in the Los Angeles area, is well-known to the celebrities including Jennifer Aniston. I can see why Jenn is in such amazing shape after doing Mandy’s routine which she talked about recently in Shape Magazine.

The workout is a little more than 30 minutes long and really packs a punch, the past two times I completed it my legs were shaky for hours afterwards.  There is also a longer fully loaded 55 minute challenge included in addition to an introduction from Jennifer Aniston herself.

This is a yoga practice that consistently challenges you so it never gets old and will stand out as a favorite in your DVD library.  Mandy is the perfect balance of motivation while making Yogalosophy fun at the same time.  She has a fabulous sense of humor and actually cracks me up a few times throughout the routine.

Mandy makes you want to be better at yoga, but focuses on doing what is best for you and your body. As she says, “You will sculpt sleek muscles and unwind your mind”.  I highly recommend this yoga practice and there is no doubt, Yogalosophy is a workout for life!

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