Get Thin & Stay Thin

In life, when we do too much of anything, it causes negative results. But trying to keep your busy life in balance can seem almost impossible. Let’s really think about this. You can want to be thin, but until you get yourself to truly make the commitment and believe in yourself that you can be thin, it will never happen. The first step to getting thin and staying thin is to walk over to a mirror and take a good, hard look. Not just at your body, but also your face. I know this hard to do, but you must get in touch with yourself before change can happen. No one can change what they don’t acknowledge, right? Ask yourself, am I happy with the way I look and how I feel? And if the answer is no, take that moment and commit to living a more balanced life no matter what it takes. Until you devote yourself to yourself, nothing will ever change. When you start to live for you, everything in your life will be better. You will be a better wife, mother, employee, friend, sister, brother, daughter or son. This isn’t about being selfish and there shouldn’t be any guilt, because you will be able to give more to the people you love once you find your equilibrium.  When you write things down, there is a much better chance you are going to do them.  Today write down 3 things that you are going to do today to change your life in a healthy way.  Some suggestions are:

1. Eat a low fat high protein breakfast everyday, no matter what.

2. Sign up for a local yoga class.

3. Keep a food journal so you can really see in writing what you are eating.

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