My Discovery of the Avocodo, Healthy In So Many Ways

Through my travels, I have spent some time in California.  I have visited the City of Las Angeles, the coast in Malibu and Santa Monica, lived for a month in the valley of Woodland Hills and Pasadena and took some time out in San Fransisco.  But, years ago I had the amazing experience and traveled to Santa Barbara with my husband to visit some friends, and there I discovered my love for avacodos.

After driving up the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible and taking in the ocean air and views, we arrived at our friends beautiful home.  Being from the east coast, we were blown away at how people live in California.  It’s almost always sunny, relaxed, easy going with a some art thrown into the mix.  Our friend is a food cinematographer and his wife is an artist of some pretty amazing paintings.
When we walked into their kitchen, there was a huge bowl of guacamole and tortilla chips waiting for us.  I had always passed on this offering in restaurants when ordering nachos because it was flavorless and a dark shade of green which turned me off.  But this particular version was out of this world and completely changed my opinion.  What had I been thinking?  The fresh guacamole was bright green, flavored with some garlic, fresh cilantro and lots of lime juice mixed with some the most delicious avocados I had ever eaten. This is when I learned that California is the place to eat them and this appetizer stirred something inside of me.  Since then almost everything that I cook has some sort of Mexican influence and avocados have become a staple in our home and our healthy lifestyle.
I include this perfect protein in salads, chicken wraps, for breakfast on an English muffin, basically avocados can fit anywhere you would like them.  Unfortunately, they have a reputation for being fattening so many avoid them for that reason alone.  Remember, too much of anything is never good and will prohibit you from living a balanced life, but a little bit of everything is truly living.  Avocados contain healthy fat, just like extra virigin olive oil and almonds, but they are very healthy in many ways.  They have been proven to prevent a number of cancers, they lower cholesterol and the risk of a stroke, are heart healthy, prevent aging and are the best source of vitamin E through a fruit.  There is no doubt, if you haven’t already, you might want to consider including avacodos in your skinny healthy life.

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