4 Easy Ways to Burn Calories in Minutes

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Everything we do burns calories, even sitting.  But the more we move, the more calories we burn, even in the most simple ways.  Here are 4 easy ways to burn calories in minutes.

1. Making dinner-chopping up vegetables, putting a meal together and setting the table burns 100 calories in about a half hour.  Imagine if you put on a whole dinner party?  You could burn 400 calories before anyone even arrives at your house!

2. Playing with the dog-did you know that something as simple as throwing a ball for a dog to retrieve can burn about 30 calories or more every 10 minutes?  Don’t have a dog? Get outside and play with your kids or the neighbors dog, you’ll burn even more.

3. Flying a kite-just think, you can burn 100 calories in about 12 minutes of standing outside holding a string into the air, isn’t that incredible? So get out and fly a kite!

4. Stretching your body-it’s so important to exercise, but even more important to stretch your body out every day and you can burn 3 calories every minute of doing so.  Touch your toes with straight legs everyday for the rest of your life, stay flexible, elongate your spine and stay young.

The point is to remind us all that we can burn calories through our daily routines in addition to fun activities without even realizing it.  So why not add on to that with a commitment to 30 minutes of planned exercise per day to boost weight management, health and live a balanced life? You can do it!

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