Strong Woman

There is nothing better than a strong woman, inside and out.  I appreciate and want to know women who can stand up for themselves, speak their minds and who aren’t afraid to mow their own lawn.  I especially admire a woman who believes in herself enough to know that she doesn’t need a man to be whole and who loves herself enough to never settle.

As if being mentally strong isn’t sexy enough, a physically strong woman can take over the world.  When a woman is sculpted and shaped it’s a beautiful thing.  Since most women have to work at having a shapely physique, it helps to know how to achieve that goal and here are some suggestions.

Push Ups Sculpt The Arms, Shoulders and Abs
Great Push Up Tool
Chin Up Bar Is Essential
Resistence Tubes Are Great For Strength & Travel
And Of Course, Nothing Beats Yoga

If you have tried yoga and didn’t care for it, it was the wrong yoga for you.  There are many different types of yoga practices, but I love a hybrid yoga that includes well-known positions, but also includes challenging strength moves.  Have you tried green yoga?  We talk about it here.

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