5 Ways to Get Fit Faster

Who doesn’t want to get fit fast?  Here are 5 ways to get fit faster and will enable you to tone much more quickly when working your muscles.

1. Work on your smaller muscles first.  Scientists have found that exercising your smaller muscles before the larger ones enables a more efficient workout because you are less fatigued.  So start with your arms and then work the butt and legs and experience a more effective (easier) workout.

2. Slow down when performing a rep and you will firm faster.  When you are releasing a rep, slow it down and keep the muscle under tension longer which will enable you to tone , sculpt more quickly and burn more calories all at the same time.

3. Less movement can actually make you smaller.  Because your muscles tighten from tiring, staying in an exercise position longer, with slower repetitions is more beneficial.  For example, when doing a squat, as we talked about here, lower until your thighs are parallel with your knees and rather than returning to a standing position, only rise one inch and then sink back down.  This movement is a shortened range of motion which fatigues the thighs and butt much faster.

4. Use a mirror and really think about the muscles you are working.  If you focus on the specific muscles you are exercising, concentrate as you work them and imagine how you want them to look, you will see results much faster.

5. Hold onto the muscle contraction.  When you are at the most critical point of a crunch let’s say, hold it for up to five seconds and squeeze as hard as you can, you will see tighter and toner muscles in a much more accelerated way.

Try these 5 ways to get fit fasterand let me know if you see the quicker results.

5 Ways to Get Fit Faster

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