36 Squats A Day Challenge Update

Since I started the 36 squats a day challenge, mentioned here, I have been asked, quite a bit, why the number 36?  My answer is, most importantly, 36 is an achievable goal. It’s not too many and it’s not too little, it’s just right.  I have spent a lot of time talking to many people who have set unachievable, unrealistic goals for themselves, that are nearly impossible to accomplish, and then wonder why they fail.  They feel horrible about themselves and give up.  I am certainly not saying to ever make it easy on yourself, that is why we call it a challenge.  But try to remember that self-esteem and self-worth is a big part of a healthy balanced lifestyle and should be considered. Goal setting is fantastic, but really think it through and do your best to make your challenge achievable at the same time.

Another reason why I chose to do 36 squats a day is when you break it down, and this may help you while you are doing them, it works out to be 2 sets of 15, plus another 6 for good luck.  An even amount that equals out to be a good 250 squats per week, 1000 per month and 12,000 for the year.  Today I have completed day 17 which totals 612 squats so far…so exciting!  No joke, my legs and butt look stronger and feel amazing!

Thank you for all of the feedback through Facebook and Twitter, please continue to send more and keep me posted.  It is so exciting to know that so many of you have joined the 36 squats a day challenge with me. 



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