Physique 57 Volume 2 Review

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Here it is, my Physique 57 Volume 2 review!  I have talked about how P57 has changed my body in the past here and today I tried Volume 2 for the 1st time and can’t wait to tell you all about it.  The P57 team and I share the same motto, “It’s not about getting skinny, it’s about achieving the best body you can have, being fit, healthy and active” which is how I have lived my life for over 20 years.

I bought the 3 disk dvd set, which you can get through the Physique 57 website.  The set includes a 30 minute thigh and seat booster, an advanced express 30 minute full body workout and the famous full body 57 minute workout which I did today. The cover of the dvd states, “Dynamically challenging exercise for rapid body transformation”, which I am familar with from their volume 1 workouts and they are not kidding around. To follow along and perform the exercises properly, you need a good quality yoga mat, I love this one, a playground ball, a sturdy chair (to simulate a ballet barre) and 5-8 pound weights.

I must start by saying that the Volume 2 Physique 57 Full Body Workout was all new in every way.  I was afraid that there would be some of the same exercises as in volume 1, but nothing was repeated, it was completely original.  Because of the originality, it kept my interest and the time flew by, I was half way through before I knew it.

The 57 minute workout starts with a quick warm up and then goes right into a challenging arm section which includes push ups and weights.  There were all sorts of new moves, many of which I have never seen or performed before today which made the pain much more bearible. Next, was the thigh section that uses the playground ball and a chair for support and it was much more difficult than volume 1, it burned beyond belief.  The high-energy workout moves along quickly and continues onto the seat “butt” section that is performed 50% at the chair and 50% on your yoga mat and again, it was extremely challenging.  We moved into the abdominal section on the mat and utilized the ball to intensify the leg extensions and to support the neck.  More original moves that are intense and burn every muscle in your abominal section.

I can honestly say, with distinction, that the P57 Full Body Workout is one of the best exercise dvd’s I have ever done!  My Physique 57 Volume 2 Review is an A++!


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