Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water


Lemon Water is a Part of A Healthy Balanced Lifestyle

There is no doubt, we all know that we should drink more water, but did you know the best health benefits of drinking lemon water?  Just by adding a few wedges of fresh lemon to your daily water intake can make all the difference within your mind, body and health.  Here are some of those benefits.

1. Lemon water promotes healthy skin by giving you a beautiful glow and fights aging.

2. Lemon water helps you lose weight faster.

3. Lemon water cures throat infections because it is antibacterial.

4. It aids in digestion, fights bloating, gas and constipation.

5. It helps cleanse your liver and kidneys.

6. Lemon water relieves toothache pain and bad breath.

7. It aids in fever reduction, colds and flu.

8. It flushes the body system of toxins and bacteria.

9. Lemon water is a great pairing to your skinny healthy foods that keep you full talked about here.

10. For me, one of the best health benefits of drinking lemon water is it reduces stress and depression while helping your mind and body become whole as we talked about here.

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