Sunday Funday

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I have been exercising for over 2 decades now, but one thing that I have learned through it all, is to give myself at least 1 day off per week (but of course will do my 36 squats that we talked about here) which is my Sunday Funday.

A Perfect Sunday At The Beach On Vacation

Sunday has always been my favorite day of the week no matter where I am.  I sleep in a little later, I love the Sunday newspaper and I will take the extra time to make something fabulous to eat.  Even when my husband and I are on vacation or on location for work, we always make the extra effort to have an awesome Sunday.

Today stood out as a very special Sunday Funday for us.  My husband and I got up this morning and drank some delicious coffee, went into New York City and spent some time with really good friends, ate amazing food and really enjoyed the day off together.

Our Sunset Tonight

The point of this post is to remind you that giving yourself 1 day per week off from being extra careful with food and exercise is a good thing.  Time off from routine balances your life, but most importantly, you deserve it. This is the same idea as my post, Splurge With No Regrets.  It’s important to be goal-oriented, stay consistent and after working hard all week long, there is nothing better than looking forward to your own Sunday Funday.

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