Exercise on Vacation: Cape Cod

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Connection To Exercise

When I am on Cape Cod, my favorite place on earth, I don’t change my routine, I exercise on vacation.  When away from home, no matter where it might be, it’s essential to stay consistent, not only for your body, but more importantly for your mind.  When living a Skinny Healthy Lifestyle, your mind and body get used to an exercise routine, so it’s important to not break the habit, no matter where you are.  Remember, when we talked about eating healthy while traveling?

You have probably already discovered how much easier it is to stay consistent than it is to start all over again with anything in life.  Your mind and body are already in a great place before even going on vacation so why not enhance that feeling when you have the time to really connect.  With regular exercise, the body starts to crave it everyday.  The backlash from neglect is not fun, so plan ahead, bring your green yoga mat and don’t ever let a vacation get in the way of your new skinny healthy lifestyle.

Cape Cod Beach

When I am on Cape Cod, running tends to be my go to exercise.  I put on my sneakers, listen to my IPOD and I run to the beach. It’s amazing how much easier it is to breath when you’re filling your lungs with salt air.  Clean air enhances your workout and surrounded yourself with something that is bigger than you are, like the ocean, is a reminder of how delicate life can be.

If the weather is rainy or cold, I will do yoga.  Taking the time to strengthen and lengthen out all of my muscles for the next days run is amazing. I will go to the Yoga Center of Cape Cod or do Yogalosophy which is my favorite workout, it’s even Jennifer Aniston’s yoga practice.  No matter what, we all must be consistent and find the time to exercise on vacation, whether it’s on Cape Cod or wherever you might be.

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