How is Your 36 Squats a Day Challenge Going?

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I have got to say, it hasn’t been easy, the 36 squat a day challenge, that we talked about here, has been tough, but I haven’t given up.  Today marks 53 days and a total of 1908 squats and there is no doubt, with nearly 2 months of daily squats, my lower body has never looked better.

I have changed up the routine a bit to keep it interesting.  I will do 3 sets of 10 squats with a short break in between and then finish with the last 6 that seem to come pretty easy being the shorter set.  My husband has been very supportive, which always helps, and has even joined me on some days.  I have found that wearing shorts or a tight pair of leggings is also helpful for easy movement and to see the muscles as they work to get stronger and more shapely.

How is your 36 squats a day challenge going?  I would love to hear what you are doing to be consistent and complete them each day, please feel free to share your story.

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