Does Exercise Make Your Skin Look Younger?

Don’t forget to use sunscreen spf28 when exercising outside!

I talk so much about all the benefits of exercise for your body, your confidence, that we talked about here, and how it is the essential partner to healthy eating so that you can live that skinny girl life, but how does exercise make your skin look younger?  Personally, I can not imagine not having exercise be a part of my life because it makes me feel and look so much better than if I didn’t do anything.  When I feel tired, exercise gives me more energy.  When I feel down exercise makes me feel happy.  When my clothes are feeling tight, exercise makes them fit perfectly.  And when I feel like my skin is not looking it’s best, exercise makes me look healthier and younger.

It’s common knowlege that exercise has tremendous cardiovascular benefits by working your heart and lungs, but the benefit of healthy circulation is rarely talked about.  When you increase your bloodflow through exercise, you are nurturing your skin cells and keeping them alive.  Blood carries important nutrients and oxygen to the cells in your body and this includes your skin.  Not only does increased bloodflow give your cells what they need, but as it passes through it helps flush away waste, like free radicals which enhances the look of your skin from the inside.

I am sure you have looked in the mirror after a good workout and seen how flushed your face can become. Heart pumping exercise that leaves you covered in sweat has an amazing effect on your skin.  After a shower and a little moisturizer, you will not only feel younger, but will look younger for the rest of the day and night.

It has been said that there is a direct link between stress and the look of your skin.  Stress in your life can be seen through your skin and can cause skin conditions like eczema and acne.  Since exercise can decrease stress, doing it will help the overall look of your skin.

If you exercise outside, always remember to wear your sunscreen because if you don’t, your skin will actually look worse as it prematurely ages. Remembering to put on sunscreen is more important than bringing your IPod.

Now that you know there is yet another good reason to exercise knowing how it makes your skin look younger, why not make it a part of your life today.

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