It’s True, There Is A Whole Mind and Body Connection

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Did you know that there is a direct link to our health and wellness between our mind to our body where one completely effects the other?  It’s true, there is a whole mind and body connection, so much so that it’s important to be aware of it throughout our lives. When our bodies are physically strong, our minds are psychologically stronger.  A commitment to exercise can change your health, among other things, over the course of your lifetime.

Too often, we rely on medications to help our mind and body feel whole.  Whether it’s a headache or suffering from depression, the prescription for health should not always fall soley on a pill.  It takes a little more effort and patience to fight pain naturally, but medications do very little in addressing the underlying issues of why we are experiencing the pain to begin with. Popping a pill is just a quick fix and a cover up of what lies beneath.

For instance, if I get a headache, I will think about what could be causing the pain before I even consider taking an Advil.  Usually, headache pain stems from dehydration, so once I have that glass of water, my headache goes away and I didn’t have to negatively affect my liver.  If pain is still experienced after you have become physically and mentally strong, partnering exercise with doctor prescribed medications might be what is best for you.  But with a commitment to exercise, you could find that you need less of your prescriptions, if at all. But without a doubt, exercise is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally.

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How our mind feels, what kind of mood we are in, our emotional health, is directly connected to our physical health.  It has been said that if we exercise our bodies and get physically strong, our mind will improve and help us be more emotionally sound and the pains that we suffer from are reduced.  It is a never-ending rotation of one equaling the other so why not start with step one and get physically strong through exercise?

One thing that I have learned is the function of and peace of the mind has been improved through the discovery of meditation for millions of people, as I have talked about here.  Meditation is a mental discipline when a person focuses to get beyond their normal mind and way of thinking into a deeper state of relaxation. Meditating helps the mind and body relax in ways no other act can create for you.  Learn more about what meditation is here.

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Exercise has been proven to raise the endorphins in our brain which makes us feel happy. When we move our body it affects our mind in a positive way.  It’s true, there is a whole mind and body connection, find yours today and start living an amazingly healthy lifestyle.

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