5 Healthy Ways To Add Delicious Flavor To Your Food

There is nothing worse than eating bland, tasteless meals, so here are 5 healthy ways to add delicious flavor to your food.  It doesn’t matter how much we try to eat in a healthy way, if the food is flavorless, it’s impossible to be consistent and stick to a skinny healthy lifestyle.  Over the years I have come up with some tricks to add flavor to foods that keep them healthy, but delicious at the same time.  My goal each day is to cook and eat healthy flavor, which I talked about here.  Now, here are 5 ways to kick up a meal and bring it to the next flavor level.

1. Use extra virgin olive oil rather than vegetable oil or butter for more healthy flavor in your dishes. Olive oil is heart healthy and tastes delicious in comparison to other high fat oils.  It is also a great natural way to make a salad dressing.  Mix EVOO with crushed garlic and balsamic vinegar, it’s so good and you can also drizzle over tomatoes.

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2. Fat free (or low fat) low sodium chicken broth is essential for cooking with delicious flavor.  Use a whole box and fill the remainder of the pot with water when cooking your whole grain pasta.  The pasta will suck up all of the flavor and make the meal much tastier. I also incorporate chicken broth into chicken dishes when making a healthy sauce.  Low sodium chicken broth is terrific for making chili or cooking up rice in a pot.  You will be amazed at how much better your food tastes, but is healthy at the same time.

My Favorite Fat Free Low Sodium Chicken Broth

3. Spices and fresh herbs are the best way to add healthy flavor to your food. Cumin is one of my favorite spices, along with oregano and blackening seasoning. Adding a spice to your skinless chicken breasts before putting them on the grill takes the meal to a whole new dimension.  Cumin and oregano are always a part of my chili recipes and the best black bean dip that I shared with you here.  And we all know how easily it turns into the best black bean healthy nachos that I talked about here. Topping your dip or nachos with fresh cilantro enhances the flavor that much more.  I also use fresh parsley and rosemary in most of my cooking, just so good.

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4. Garlic is a very healthy way to add delicious favor to your food.  Not only does garlic smell wonderful when you are cooking it, garlic tastes amazing when you are eating it.  I incorporate garlic into almost everything that I make because it is so extremely healthy for you (fights off cancers) and I just love the taste.

Garlic Is Amazing Roasted Also

5. Over the past few years, white wine has been a big part of my cooking regimen when making sauces and one pot wonders.  My chicken cacciatore requires a cup of white wine and without it, the flavor would be lacking, it just wouldn’t be the same dish.  White wine combined with the low sodium chicken broth cook down beautifully together will make your sauces taste out of this world.  Add in some of that garlic that we talked about above, along with a little extra virgin olive oil and you really got something.

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