How To Keep The Balance Between Food and Exercise

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Looking good and feeling good starts in your mind, a decision that you can make for yourself to live a healthy lifestyle and to stop dieting or even starving yourself to fit into that bikini that I talked about here. Unfortunately, too many people still think that if they don’t eat, they are going to get skinny, when actually they are harming their bodies, especially if they are exercising on top of starving themselves.  Eating feeds the muscles and helps in attaining a beautiful body, it’s just being aware of what you eat, how much and what type of exercises to do so that you can attain the shape that you want.

Over 20 years ago, I chose and committed to living a healthy lifestyle and found my whole mind and body connection.  What that truly means is I made a lifestyle decision and at the same time, figured out how to keep the balance between food and exercise within my life and achieve the body that I wanted.  With that knowledge, I have learned balance, commitment and consistency is the only way to look and feel your absolute best for good.

It’s quite simple actually, what type of food you eat, or plan to eat, dictates what type of exercises you do that day and even days before or afterwards.  It’s important to keep in mind that if you have an intense workout, you will find that you are more hungry and will probably eat more than if your workout is low impact.  With knowing that, feeding your body healthy foods packed with protein will help keep your appetite in control, we talked about my favorite Skinny Healthy Foods here.

For instance, Sundays are a planned “funday” in our home, we cook, we celebrate life, we eat, we watch football, but food is always the focus.  Of course I do my best to eat healthy, but on Sundays I tend to eat more calories because there is more food around and more time to eat it.  Because Sunday Funday is a tradition for us, I always start the day with yoga to clear my mind, stretch and elongate my body and there is nothing like it. Yoga feels amazing during and afterwards and truly starts the day off on a positive note.  I find that when my exercise is low impact, I am not hungry all day and that helps to keep my eating in check.

With that in mind, because I tend to eat more on Sunday, I will no doubt start my Monday with a challenging cardiovascular workout to burn as many calories off of my body as I can and start the week off right.  For me, it’s a no brainer, Mondays include a good run or a kick butt Jillian Michael’s DVD and I always walk away knowing (mind) that I balanced my food and exercise properly and my body thanks me for it by staying fit.  Lesson learned, the more calories that you take in means the tougher your workout should be following that meal.


On the other hand, if I know that my day is going to be busy with work and travel, I will start off with some hybrid yoga such as Yogalosophy that I talked about here.  After an intense yoga sculpting workout, I will have the best protein packed breakfast (see this breakfast here) and that will perfectly balance out my day.  The exercise burned calories for sure, but was not heart pounding so the food and exercise work together and keep hunger in control for the day.  On days like these, I may have a palm full of almonds as a snack and then I am not hungry until dinner.

Learning how to keep the balance between food and exericise is mostly just common sense, when you eat more, your exercise should be more intense.  But know that when your exercise is low impact, eat less.  Believe in yourself, balance your

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