Best Travel Foldable Yoga Mat

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Yoga is an important part of my life, as I talked about here, but so is travel, and it can be difficult to take my mat along with me sometimes.  But now the best travel foldable yoga mat is available and will fit right into your bag or suitcase, so now there truly is no excuse not to exercise, even when on the road.  And the best part is, this yoga mat is eco friendly and is made of PER, an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material which is helpful for clean breathing because it contains no harmful phthalates or heavy metals.

Even if you don’t do yoga, or travel, having a workout mat that you can take with you to exercise class or have at home will enable you to stretch, work your abdominals, but most importantly have a clean, healthy space on the floor that is your own.

This unique and very attractive folding yoga mat was specifically designed for the yogi on the go. It was created to easily fold into a convenient size, approximately 1 ft x 1 ft and solves the problem of the awkward size you get when you roll most yoga mats.

The mat also comes along with a bag that is made of recycled PET (water/soda bottles) and is designed to fit the mat perfectly while protecting it during transport or storage. The best travel foldable yoga mat provides excellent traction and cushion.  Don’t let anything, especially travel, get in the way of your yoga practice. Another bonus is it ships for free!

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