Yoga Sundays

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Sunday mornings are one of my favorite days of the week to practice yoga. Morning yoga is beneficial in so many healthy ways and there is nothing like waking up and stretching every muscle in your body before the day starts. Since I have started doing yoga my posture has improved, my back pain has been alleviated and I am much stronger mentally and physically.

Today I did Yoga Meltdown, another fantastic Jillian Michael’s DVD. It offers two total body workouts that are each 30 minutes long with a warm up that includes 3 full Sun Salutations and a stretching cool down. These yoga routines are intense and not only deeply stretch all of the muscles in your body, but also burn lots of calories at the same time.  By the time you are finished, you will know that you have accomplished a substantial yoga practice. Jillian shows you beginner level poses and more advanced moves throughout the workout so you always feel challenged.

After completing Yoga Meltdown you will feel the results immediately and after a few weeks you will see your body change. I practice with Jillian twice a week, midweek to stretch out my muscles from other intense workouts and Sundays to recoup and prepare my body for the new week.  All of will need for this yoga workout is a toxic free yoga mat.

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