Should You Take A Day Off From Exercise?

Check out the best yoga mats (click pic).
Check out the best yoga mats (click pic).

Taking a day, or two, off from exercise is essential for your body to repair itself, but it also gives your mind a moment to relax and unwind because rest is important for both.  No matter what type of exercise you do, from running to circuit training or yoga, it’s good to take a day off because your muscles need to repair themselves and that enables you to get stronger.

Continual wear and tear on your muscles can make them more prone to injury and nobody wants that.  Once injury occurs, it could be weeks or months before you can exercise again; which only sets you back from all of your hard work.  But one thing you can do on your day off is to do a full body stretch.

Grab your yoga mat, put on some relaxing music and take 20 minutes to stretch out your entire body.  Doing this will help your mind and body prepare for tomorrow so that you can feel refreshed and start strong all over again. Another great way to relax your mind and body is finding a quiet place and doing some meditation. There is nothing like taking time, even 10 minutes, for yourself at the end of a long week to sit in your meditation chair and find peace.

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