I am hooked! I will practice yoga for the rest of my life and here is why.

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I have come to the realization that I am a true yogi.  Everybody has their own type of practice and I certainly have mine, but nothing will ever break my relationship with yoga because I am hooked and will be for the rest of my life.  Here’s why.

It’s funny, my husband is actually the person who introduced yoga to me.  He started practicing with a Rodney Yee DVD while I watched and listened.  My husband would often wake up sore with tight muscles from his work, but after yoga he was mended physically and mentally.  I took note of those positive benefits he was experiencing and began my own hybrid type practices with Yogalosophy and Yoga Meltdown.  These workouts left my body feeling stretched like never before, strong beyond belief and more flexible than I could have ever imagined.  In addition to that my mind was calm and better prepared for the day and whatever life had to throw at me.  That was when I realized I was hooked.  How could I ever give up something that made me feel this good inside and out?

Before I became a yogi I felt like many people still do today, that yoga was not for me.  I am a runner, a kick boxer and a Jillian Michael’s workout fanatic.  How could I ever calm down long enough to do this relaxation workout?  What I didn’t realize is that there are different types of yoga and there is a practice for everyone.  Yoga is about doing what is best for you because the practice embraces the fact that everybody is different.

As I continue to live a yoga lifestyle additional benefits of practicing have become more apparent to me.  Yoga greatly improves digestion.  It is shocking how less bloated I feel from the poses and positions that massage the internal organs.  I sleep much better since I started doing yoga which can be especially helpful in a place like New York City.  I am able to battle stress and anxiety more successfully.  And with the pairing of meditation to my yoga practice, my life has been enhanced to a level of happiness that I’ve only dreamed about.

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