10 ways to live your life with less stress

A positive attitude and a smile can help fight any stressful situation.

Everybody has to deal with some form of stress in their life and finding ways to deal with it can be challenging.  Here are some simple natural ways to fight stress on a daily basis.

1. Breathe through it.  When faced with any sort of unexpected stress or anxiety breathing is a effective way to fight it.  Breathing deeply through your nose, entirely filling your lungs and then out through your mouth will make you feel better in any stressful event.

2. Meditation.  With a commitment to the practice stress will affect you in a different more managable way.

3. Dance.  Put on your IPod or turn up the music in your car and dance and sing it off.

4. Get a good nights sleep.  Rest of at least 8-10 hours can make any stress seem less important.  Sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

5. Practice yoga.  If you have tried yoga you know what I am talking about, but if you haven’t you should.

6.  Remember that you can only control yourself and nobody else.

7. Take a walk.  Stepping away from a stress for a short walk will help you better deal with the issue at hand.

8. Focus on the positives, see the glass half full while realizing the positives and the stress will feel less important.

9. Talk to a friend whom you trust.  Venting to someone who understands is always helpful when dealing with a problem.

10.  Smile.  No matter who you are faced with that might be causing stress in your life, smile back at them and it will surely relieve the situation….they might even smile back.

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