What yoga means to me. What does it mean to you?

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To be completely honest, I started practicing yoga strictly for the physical health benefits.  I wanted that ultra sculpted toned physique like Jennifer Aniston who has repeatedly credited Yogalosophy for maintaining her shape.  The mental and spiritual wellness were appealing to me but I wasn’t sure how much if any those advantages would affect me.  I am an admitted Type A personality with a lot of energy and always on a mission to get something accomplished, so how could yoga calm someone like me down?

Well, now that I can truly call myself a yogi with over 2 years of practice under my belt, I can say that I understand the overall benefits of wellness yoga has to offer.  You can’t pick and choose how you want yoga to affect your life, it just does in every way.  Yes, the physical benefits are numerous and unbelievably effective unlike any other form of exercise I have ever tried, but you also walk away from every practice with a new perspective on life.

There is an instant overall sense of calm where you look at life with more gratitude and appreciation in addition to more patience and understanding.  Practicing yoga enables me to approach each day with a more sensible perspective and I also tend to believe an overall better human being.  What ever form that you choose to practice from Ashtanga, Bikram or Vinyasa, there is no doubt, yoga is a gift.

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