36 squats a day 1 year challenge has concluded with life changing results

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This is me at my beach photo shoot. Read more from Skinny Healthy Girl here (click pic).
I made it!  The 1-year 36 squats a day challenge has come to an end, well not really.  This was a huge commitment.  Believe me, it was challenging at times, but it paid off and I worked my butt off, literally.  36 squats everyday for 12 months straight achieved even better results than I had expected.  But I am not ever going to give up my newly sculpted lower half by any means!

I was already well aware that squats are one of the best forms of exercise that you can do.  But I had never performed so many in my life to make such a serious impact on my body.  Through this process of commitment, consistency and continuous change I realized that squats would play a part in my workout routine for the rest of my life.  In order to fight off the extra fat, cellulite and maintain a firm, shapely lower half, they have to be.
One of the most effective ways to stay motivated to workout is to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you want to lose all that you have worked for and have to start all over again?  Consistency is key and so much easier and healthier for your body and mind.  It makes me sad when I see people work so hard on their bodies to fit into a bikini for the summer or to look exceptional for a special event to only give up on it after the goal has passed.  Why wouldn’t you want to look exceptional all of your life?The good news is that squats are almost always incorporated into exercise routines such as yoga, Physique 57 and some of the best cardiovascular circuit training workoutsout there.
To be completely honest with you, when I created this challenge for myself I was already in shape.  As you know, I have been committed to exercise for over 20 years now so I didn’t walk into this in terrible shape.  But like many who exercise regularly or who don’t, I needed to give some extra attention to my lower body, plus I was curious to see what the results would be.

Within the first month of the squat challenge I saw change and it only improved with each and every month throughout the year.  I didn’t have to buy new clothes and my jeans still fit me, but just much better.  I look down at my thighs, even when I am sitting and can’t believe how much tighter, smaller and shapelier they are.This has been a fantastic experience for me and I am thrilled that I accomplished it. 
Thank you for staying tuned and keeping me motivated throughout the past year.  One woman reached out to let me know that she has developed her own plan called A Naked Vision that includes the 36 squats a day challenge as a part of her commitment.  Leona plans to complete a full year of 36 squats a day as I did and I would love for everyone to root her on here.  I hope that I was able to inspire you also in some small way.  If so, please let me know how and I will include your story within mine.  Namaste!

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