How to maintain a healthy romantic relationship forever

At Skinny Healthy Girl I know that a healthy life isn’t just about what you eat and how well you take care of your body, it’s also about maintaining healthy relationships.  Living a whole life includes falling in love and being loved because there is no better feeling in the world.  When two people fall wildly in love where they would fight off fire-breathing dragons for one another and decide to get married, there is still only a 50% chance that marriage will last. Isn’t that crazy?  The challenge is how to maintain those butterflies in your stomach past the first year of a relationship and love each other more each day so that you can live happily ever after.

My husband makes me want to be a better person, he brings happiness beyond my wildest dreams into my life everyday and believe it or not, we fall in love more as each day passes.  I know that sounds super mushy, but it’s the honest truth.  I am certainly not an expert, and we aren’t perfect by any means, but there is no better way to learn than through experience; which I have had firsthand.  The only reason why our relationship has been so successful for so long is because we communicate with each other every single day.

Personally, I have learned through the experience of a thriving marriage, to a man that I met when I was 17 years old that a successful relationship is based on compromise, sacrifice and putting each other’s needs first.  There is no room for selfishness in any relationship because a true, real bond is maintained by the love that you have for that person, where your happiness is found through theirs.

Of course all of this greatness cannot occur without the most important aspect of a connection; communication.  Being open and honest will set the stage of expectation and continuing to communicate every step of the way will solidify your connection.  If you don’t express yourself or know how to properly communicate with the person that you love, the relationship can only go so far. Think of it this way.  How can your happiness be put first when it is unknown by your partner?  It’s impossible.

A deep and lasting bond has to come from both sides because one communicator in a relationship simply does not work.  I have girlfriends who complain to me all of the time about issues that they are having with their husbands or boyfriends and I always ask, “Did you tell him?” and the answer is consistently, “No”.  Well, how do you expect to fix these issues if he has no idea that they even exist?  Don’t you think he will respect you more for speaking up rather than just going along with what he believes is acceptable to you?  What is it about communicating with your partner that is so difficult?  If you truly love the person you should be able to talk openly with them.  Sadly, this is why most relationships come to an end.

I can understand that bringing up a negative subject can be difficult for anyone because it never seems like the right time.  But actually making the time to check in with one another (maybe even booking a weekly appointment with each other) to have an open conversation will do wonders for your relationship.  Approaching that conversation with good intention, a calm demeanor and in a loving way will make it even easier.

The moment you feel unhappy about anything within your relationship make a note of it and openly talk about it as soon as you possibly can.  Letting an issue fester will only build anger and frustration while making it worse.  Or saying nothing and continuing to reward your partner for bad behavior is setting the relationship up for disaster.

Remember, there is always room for negotiation within any relationship no matter how long you have been together.  If you want your relationship to last the test of time do this for yourself and your partner.  Who knows, you might be surprised at how much he has to say to you?  As Dr. Phil says, “You teach people how to treat you.” So stand up for yourself, be strong in your beliefs and communicate with your partner today.

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