3 Ways to Cut 250 Calories A Day With Little Effort


Exercise is only one component of staying fit and healthy.  You could workout everyday on your yoga mat, but if you eat the wrong (or too much) food at every meal you will not maintain your shape.  As Americans we tend to oversize and over fat everything that we eat.  But if we were a little bit more aware of how much we are putting into our mouths and took a moment to read the labels, we could live a much more balanced life with food.  Here are 3 of the best ways you can cut 250 calories each day with very little effort on your part.

1. Order 2 appetizers rather than an entree’ when out to eat.  Because full size dishes in restaurants can be 4 times the recommended serving size, you could be eating more calories in one meal than you would or should eat in a whole day.  In addition, most full plate options come with hefty sides like mashed potatoes or french fries that can pack on additional calories.  Appetizers (sometimes called small plates) are just that, smaller sized portions that are usually based around a protein that will fill you up more quickly.  You can walk away from dinner out with friends or a date with your husband without feeling sick to your stomach and confident in your food choices…any maybe saving a little money too.

2. Keep an eye on serving size.  There is a very good chance that you are eating 3 times the recommended serving size of cereal every morning before the milk is added.  You can easily shave 250 calories or more just by being aware of how much you are pouring into your bowl.  To understand just how much you should be eating to stay within the calorie count on the side of the box use a measuring cup to get the idea.  That way going forward you can use the same bowl each day and know how much to eat.

3. Switch out a protein for a fat on your toast or bagel.  Rather than topping your bread with butter or high calorie cream cheese, spread on some organic peanut butter or a chopped up hard boiled egg.  Not only will you save on calories, you will stay full longer because of the protein.  You could even cut that bagel in 1/2 and save for the next day because you will be fuller from your topping.  In addition, choose whole grain bagels or breads over white flour options to add additional protein and fiber to your diet.  Here is one of the best protein packed breakfasts that we love.

BONUS: Take 3 brisk walks per day (just 15 minutes long) and burn an additional 250+ calories without having to break a sweat.  You can do anything from taking the dog for a quick walk around the block or deliberately parking your car as far away as possible in the lot.  Not only will you burn more calories every day, you will feel happier and that feeling alone will be enough of a mood booster that it will push you out the door everyday.

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