5 healthy eating tips for the holidays and for life

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Staying fit for life takes commitment and consistency so why not make it easier on yourself?  It can be even more difficult to stay on track with all of the holiday foods spread around you from Thanksgiving until New Years.  Here are 5 tips to keep in mind over the next few week and for the rest of your life.

1. Plan your meals and workouts as much as you can.

Life will always get in the way of good intensions leaving you feeling disappointed in yourself at the end of the day. Use Sunday, or whatever day works best for you, to plan out what you’re going to eat throughout the week (and maybe prepare ahead of time) so that you don’t find yourself eating all of the wrong foods. When we’re on the go, or surrounded by cookie swaps and celebrations, it’s important to eat ahead of time and have a plan in mind to stay on track.

In addition to pre-planning your food, use your calendar to also plan how you are going to move your body each day, just like you book appointments.  If it means getting up a little earlier than normal, just do it; the transformation of your mind and body will be well worth it.  Here are 3 quick effective workouts that get results and anyone can fit into their schedule.

2. Don’t buy fattening foods like potato chips and ice cream.

If you don’t have them in the house you won’t eat them, right?  Never go into a grocery store without a list or a plan.  Planning really is the truly the only to stay on the right track. Also be careful not to go food shopping hungry so that you aren’t tempted by all of the goodies that surround you.


3. When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water.

Did you know that sometimes you can think that you are hungry but really it’s your body letting you know that it’s thirsty?  Drink the water first and see how you feel. This is something that I never knew until I read it while researching the importance of hydration. Let me tell you, I now do this everyday and it’s absolutely true.

4. Eat slowly.

You’ve probably heard this before, but it does take time for your mind to catch up with your stomach, so you can think that you’re still hungry, when really you’re already full.  You know when you eat too much and feel sick? That’s because you ate too quickly.  Try and keep a conversation going while eating, that will help you slow down.

5. Use smaller plates.

I love this one and I do it all of the time!  When your plate is smaller you will put less food on it and therefore you will eat less.  Lack of portion control is the reason why America is overweight, everything is super sized, be aware of how much food you are eating at each meal. I also use a smaller sized fork with my small plate; which enables me to keep control over how much food I am putting into my mouth as I’m eating.

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