Best way to not overeat at holiday parties

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It happens every year.  We have good intensions to not eat the layered buttered rolls or New York cheesecake at our Aunt Betty’s house, but we do.  From Thanksgiving to New Years fattening foods keep landing in front of us with enticement.  So how do we control ourselves?  Or do we?

The fact is, no one should completely deprive themselves of their favorite foods because that only leads to cravings that end up taking priority over healthy food choices in the long run.  So go into any challenging temptation with a plan and remember that everything is ok in moderation and balance but keep these tips in mind to keep you on track.

1. Always eat some sort of low fat protein before leaving your house so that your stomach is full.  Have something like a few pieces of grilled chicken or some hummus on a whole grain crackers to keep your hunger under control.  This will help you make careful decisions rather than spare of the moment unhealthy choices.

2. Plan to have a good workout before attending your holiday parties.  Working up a sweat and burning off some fat will help keep you from eating too much because you will be more aware of how difficult it is to burn it off.  When you give yourself the time and make a difference with your body, you will find that you will treat it with more respect when it comes to food choices.

3. Wear a tight waisted outfit.  When your stomach is being pulled in by a pair of jeans or a fitted skirt to begin with, you will notice more easily how much you’ve eaten as your belly starts to stretch out.  It kind of a way of keeping you in check throughout the evening.

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