Exactly What Is Child’s Pose and What Does It Do For You?

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Child’s Pose

I love yoga like I’ve talked about here.  There are so many yoga poses that I couldn’t live without because they make me feel so good during and after my practice.  My favorite relaxation pose that also really helps relieve my sciatica nerve pain is Child’s Pose.  But what exactly is child’s pose and what does it do for you?

Child’s Pose is a relaxation pose practiced on your toxic free yoga mat between more difficult positions to help release numerous muscles so that you can continue more efficiently through your workout.  It is also known to help with circulation in addition to giving a deep stretch through the spine after bridge pose or a back bend.  Child’s Pose is considered a resting type position that you can begin and end with during your workout.  But I would say that the most beneficial aspect of practicing this pose is the improvement of digestion.

When you perform Child’s Pose, you also gently stretch your thighs, hips and ankles which helps you to perform other exercises more efficiently. The pose also helps in calming your brain, relieving any stress that you might have and reducing fatigue. As releasing and relaxing this pose can be, the only caution that you must take is protecting your knees.  If you are experiencing a knee injury or have in the past, be aware of how far you stretch to ensure that you do not worsen your ailment.

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