3 Of The Healthiest Antioxidants You Can Eat To Fight Cancer

Learn about 5 other healthy foods here.
Learn about 5 other healthy foods here.

I am sure that you have heard how essential it is to eat and drink antioxidants everyday, but what does that really mean specifically?  We have done the work for you and pulled together 3 of the healthiest antioxidants you can eat to fight cancer.

Antioxidants are believed to prevent and work to repair oxidative stress in your body which has been known to damage cells in such a way that it has been linked to cancer and heart disease.  3 of the healthiest antioxidants you can eat to fight cancer fall into the categories of specific fruits, nuts and spices.  Within those 3 categories, there are 3 very specific types of foods that land on the top of the list and those are….

3 of the top fruit antioxidants:

1. Cranberries

2. Blueberries

3. Blackberries

Including these 3 berries into your skinny healthy lifestyle that we talked about here is essential for your health.

3 Of The Top Nut Antioxidants:

1. Pecans

2. Walnuts

3. Hazelnuts

A palmful of mixed nuts each day is a very good idea to not only fight off disease, but to keep hunger at bay between meals.  Include Skinny Healthy Foods That Will Keep You Full that we talked about here and you will be on your way to maintaining that body you always wanted.

3 Of The Top Spice Antioxidants:

1. Ground Cloves

2. Cinnamon

3. Oregano

Mixing ground cloves and cinnamon to sprinkle on whole grain toast each morning will jump start your day while fighting off disease.  In addition, oregano (one of my all time favorite spices) is fantastic on and in just about everything.  I love it on pizza, it is an essential ingredient in my chicken cacciatore that I have shared here and is especially good in my Greek Goulash recipe that I will share with you soon.

Now that you know the 3 top (technically 9) healthiest antioxidants you can eat to fight cancer, do what you can to incorporate them into your diet each day.  Not only will you feel better and potentially live longer, you will look your best ever!

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