Can I Eat Carbs and Lose Weight? Yes You Can!

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If you are trying to lose weight or just maintain your current weight, you are probably asking yourself, can I eat carbs and lose weight?  Yes you can!  You also might be thinking that bread, pastas and rice are off-limits, but you are wrong.  The truth is, you need these types of carbohydrates foods in order for your body to have energy.  Without carbs, you will feel sluggish, unable to focus and often irritable, but most importantly, you won’t have the strength to exercise, move and shape your body.

The most important thing to remember is not all carbs are created equal.  White bread, white pasta, cookies, cakes and sugar are what is called refined carbs and they don’t offer much of anything in way of your nutrition.  Refined carbs break down in the body very quickly and when you eat them you will get a burst of energy, but then will feel hungry and tired again very quickly.  Complex carbs are what you are after which are in foods like whole grain products and vegetables.  The body slowly break them down and you will feel fuller longer while still having lasting energy.  High quality carbs are usually paired with vitamins and minerals which make them that much more healthy for you.

Eating carbs won’t make you gain weight.  Research has shown that people lose the same amount of weight no matter what kind of diet they eat because calories are what count the most.  Eat too many calories and you will gain weight, eat less than what you burn and you will lost weight, it’s quite simple actually.  What’s scares people most about carbs is that they are high in calories, so it’s smart to keep the servings small even if they are whole grain.  If you tend to eat more than the size of a tennis ball, just cut back on the next meal, don’t over think or take it too seriously because that will only cause frustration.

Another misconception that people have when it comes to carbs is the belief that they are only found in breads, pastas and rices when actually they are also found in vegetables, fruits and some dairy products.  When choosing a vegetable, go for things like leafy greens and mushrooms, plus 2 fruits each day.  Also, did you know that having 1 cup of brown rice at dinner affects your metabolism the same way it would if you ate it at lunch?  It’s all about how many calories you take in, not about when you eat them.

When you are buying whole grain products, make sure to read the ingredients and not always trust what the package says or how it looks.  The listed ingredients should start with the word whole, whole wheat, whole oats, etc and look for the yellow stamp from the Whole Grains Council that says 100% Whole Grain.  There are so many companies jumping on the whole grain bandwagon so that you will buy their products, but beware of what is real and what is not.


Lastly, so many people tell me, even my own father, that they don’t like the taste of whole grain breads and pastas because they can be chewy or gummy if overcooked. Remember that not all whole grain products are alike, keep trying them until you find the ones that work for you.  My favorite pasta brand is Barilla Fiber Plus, it is absolutely delicious with a nutty taste.  I like it even better than white pastas now, plus (no pun) it contains protein and omega-3 which is a special whole grain that helps keep you fuller even longer.  My favorite bread is Fiber One for sure. They make a smaller sized bread that is thinly sliced with a honey flavor that is out of this world.  Oh, and I cant’ forget how much I also LOVE the 100 calorie whole grain Thomas’s English Muffins that is a part of my best protein packed breakfast that I talked about here.  So to answer your question one more time, “Can I eat carbs and lose weight?” Yes you can!  Be smart, thoughtful, careful and always choose your foods wisely.

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